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Have Conservatives Infiltrated ABC? by American Elephant
May 24, 2009, 3:40 am
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Something is going on at ABC. (No, not the news division, they’re still hopelessly biased.) First there was this:

Telegenic newcomers promising Hope™, Change™, and a cure for everything that ails humanity are really reptilian monsters here to enslave the human race. They have a logo, graphic blue pamphlets emblazoned with empty platitudes, they even demand positive media coverage. Surely the network that still dutifully refuses to rebroadcast or even sell The Path to 9/11 (at the direction of Bill Clinton) wouldn’t knowingly produce such a perfect allegory for the Obama administration? Surely it’s a mistake?

But now there’s another new ABC show headed our way. From the creators of Beavis and  Butthead, and King of the Hill, comes a new animated comedy, mocking….*gasp*….liberalism!

I can think of at least 10 liberal special interest groups that will be outraged, OUTRAGED I SAY, with The Goode Family (not to be confused with one of my all-time favorite shows, Good Neighbors).

What on Earth is going on at ABC?  Have they forgotten, at their peril, that liberals are utterly incapable of laughing at themselves? Have they been bought up by Rupert Murdoch? Infiltrated by conservatives? Or have ad revenues dropped so drastically that they were forced to recognize that conservatives also have TV’s and buy things?

In the unlikely event that  the shows escape drastic re-writes and somehow make it to air in anything resembling present form, I predict loud, smelly protests, angry boycotts and Twitter campaigns! or maybe just the outright nationalization of the television industry.

Perhaps all of the above.

Whatever transpires, it’s sure to be entertaining!

(h/t Big Hollywood)

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