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Former First Ladies Join In The National Emotional Collapse Over Illegal Immigrant Children by The Elephant's Child

The Democrats are quite sure that they have a good one this time. The good one in question is Donald Trump and “innocent little children ripped from their mothers’ arms.” The talking points went out, and emotions were roused and before you know it they even had a bunch of former first ladies chiming in. And if you think that was a coincidence, I have a bridge….

As Don Surber explained:

The facts show 10,000 parents sent their children north unaccompanied and illegally. Another 2,000 accompanied their children as they tried to cross our border illegally.

The facts also show the husbands of Laura and Michelle enacted and followed this law. Not policy, law. Hillary supported this law in 2014.

The law includes this provision: “As used in this section — (1) the term ‘placement’ means the placement of an unaccompanied alien child in either a detention facility or an alternative to such a facility; and the term ‘unaccompanied alien child’ means a child who —
(A) has no lawful immigration status in the United States;
(B) has not attained 18 years of age; and
(C) with respect to whom — (i) there is no parent or legal guardian in the United States; or (ii) no parent or legal guardian in the United States is available to provide care and physical custody.”

That is the law.

Laura Bush wrote a column for Bezos’ Trump-hating Washington Post, advocating for privileging foreign law-breakers over Americans. I was disappointed, I thought better of Laura Bush. These celebrated women who are famous because of their husbands’ presidencies, are forgetting that their husbands had to obey these laws (not policies) as well and did so.  Hillary conveniently forgets her own past role, but she has always been a compulsive liar, she’s not ready to give up the limelight either.


Please, Try to Learn Some Facts Before You Speak. by The Elephant's Child

People who know nothing about guns, have never held one in their hands nor fired one, should try to get slightly informed before they start lecturing the rest of the country about banning guns. Nobody needs guns, they will say. Tell that to Oprah, or George and Amal Clooney, the Katzenbergs, or Steven Spielberg who are collectively donating $2 million to the children’s crusade, the “March for Our Lives” — a disgusting politicization of Parkland students’ anguish. And ask if these wealthy folk have bodyguards, and do their bodyguards carry guns?

I grew up in the mountains of Idaho, on 400 acres adjoining National Forest. We had varmints. Coyotes, lynx, bobcats, porcupines, skunks, bears, cougar. Local ranchers had guns. When one of their herd broke a leg or was harmed by other wildlife, they had to be put down. There were no local vets. Coming home from a ride one day, I was blocked from the ford in the river by a coiled rattlesnake, and my horse was having fits. Having to dispatch a rattlesnake with large rocks was fairly scary.  I suppose I was firing a .22 by the time I was six. We usually took a gun along on our early spring picnic to fire at tin cans down on a beach on the Big Salmon River where blooms were out and lambs were newborn. At home we still had a couple of feet of snow. I was fairly deadly with woodrats, but most of the rest of the wildlife was safe from me.

The Left is anxious to ban guns and attack the NRA. I suspect that Lefties are sure that people who grow up in the mountains of Idaho live in compounds of crackpots who all have guns and explosives and may rise up to take their country back.  The statistics on guns are quite clear, banning guns does not solve anything. The scary accessories on a so called “assault weapon” are just to make an ordinary rifle sexier. They don’t do anything useful. Far more people are killed with handguns, blunt objects, knives, and fists. I would bet that Oprah and the others have no idea what the NRA does, or who they are. Virtue signalling.

The Parkland school shooting was a failure of the FBI, the local police, the Sheriff’s office and the school itself. CNN has compounded the reaction with their dishonest use of traumatized children in a scripted Townhall for their own purposes. At Ricochet, a woman from Kentucky writes about an earlier school shooting this year, and the contrasts.  And someone else suggested that people don’t do their homework — that is they don’t do even a small amount of research to see if they know what they are talking about, because they are afraid of having to read something long. A preference for very thin books. Really? Disturbing. Think about the other things they are trying to ban.

The picture at the top was about 5 or 6 miles down the road from our place, where the turnoff for the road up the mountain was. That’s the scary mountains of Idaho, but only one of the lesser peaks.

Fed Up, Annoyed, And Just Plain Had It Up to Here! by The Elephant's Child

I am fed up. The excesses of the media are becoming just too much. There are too many would-be reporters chasing too little news with a portfolio of too little knowledge. This celebrity said that about President Trump—a notice that brings out other celebrities to say something, because celebrities’ lives depend on publicity, and members of the media are hungry for a new and interesting comment.  One rude comment brings on a “Can you top this” reaction.

It is an age of hysteria. We now have “Antifa”— supposedly “anti-fascist” but they seem to be the same anarchists and Black Bloc people who keep showing up with clubs and black clothes and masks whenever there is an opportunity for a good lively protest — at least here in Seattle and in Portland. I don’t know if they are that active elsewhere in the country, but they have apparently found that not too many get dragged off to jail here, the opposition is unorganized, as is the police force. Mayors don’t want melees in their streets—bad publicity. It’s always appeared to me that the anarchists are just interested in breaking windows, setting fires and especially destroying police cars. Higher aims or philosophy, if any, have not been worked out.

It’s clear that excesses on one college campus infect many others, like a plague. Even abroad. And it grows a little with each new venue. I don’t think the kids consciously think, oh let’s go imitate Old Ivey — that would be embarrassing, but that’s of course what they’re doing. In their enthusiasm for eliminating the Civil War, the Trojans called for changing the name of the white horse the Trojan cheerleader rode out on the field after each touchdown, because he was named Traveler, which was the name of Robert E. Lee’s horse. An Asian-American sportscaster named Robert Lee was yanked by ESPN from broadcasting a University of Virginia football game. Virtue-signalling carried to an extreme. And so it goes.  A plague of idiocy, highly contagious.

Kathy Griffin is still complaining that she was roundly condemned for holding up a bloody-looking head of a supposed Donald Trump as if he had been decapitated, and people didn’t get the joke. Or she doesn’t understand why it wasn’t a joke, or she doesn’t understand why everyone made such a big fuss about it. Her entire career as a comedian is in the toilet, and the punishment is just too much for her to bear. The fact that she did it to herself seems not to have penetrated.

There was a time when the press was supposed to be the watchdog of government, keeping the three branches of government honest and responsible. Truth tellers in the face of possible corruption and greed. That’s almost laughable these days.

And Trump accomplishments? Never mentioned. The Trump administration has blocked Obama regulations that would have burdened employers with hundreds of millions of dollars in compliance costs and increased paperwork loads by millions of hours each year. The OMB instructed the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to shelve a rule change that would have required employers to submit twenty times as much data to the agency as previously required. It would have affected 61,000 workers.

American companies with more than 100 workers and federal contractors with more than 50 workers were required ,to demonstrate their commitment to closing the nebulous “gender wage gap.” Obama’s big idea was for businesses to provide 3,660 different data points about each employee and their pay structure, up from just 188 points. Lessening the burden of regulation on employers may just have something to do with the economy’s growth the last quarter at an annual rate of 3 percent. This was much better than the  2.7 percent rate that was expected. The 3 percent figure was the first time the GDP growth rate has hit 3 percent in over 2 years. Broadcast news, of course, chose not to cover that interesting bit of information.

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