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The Argument Is Not What It Seems by The Elephant's Child
September 29, 2017, 8:02 pm
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President Donald Trump promised to build a wall—a great big wall. That has been scaled down a bit, as the reality of the terrain becomes clear. Portions of the border are reportedly not suitable for either a wall or fence, and remote.  But various proposals are being built as demonstrations to test and see how they will work and what’s possible. There will not be a huge concrete wall after all, but lots of use of the most advanced contemporary technology. Walls work in Hungary. Walls work in Israel. The Great Wall of China worked for a time, as did Hadrian’s Wall. The Saudis have built a wall.

Democrats continue with all the usual epithets: Racist, sexist, bigot, and big meanie. Cruel, uncaring. Walls don’t work, (yes they do), too expensive, useless, and so on ad-infinitum. That is not the real argument.

Democrats want open borders and lots of immigrants, legal or illegal, because warm bodies don’t have to be legal to get counted in the census, and a vastly increased population in states that currently vote Democrat will mean more seats in Congress in 2020.That’s what community organizers do.

They are working on lawsuits about redrawing voting district borders to gain political advantage. Obama and Eric Holder announced that they would be working on redistricting cases where Republicans have drawn district borders to their advantage. In Veith v. Jubelirer (2004) the Supreme Court held that as opposed to racial gerrymandering or “one person, one vote” equal protection claims, political gerrymandering claims are non-justiciable. This is because federal courts generally lack the authority to hear disputes raising political questions that are better left to the political branches. Will that hold?

Here is what should be the controlling fact.  Illegal immigration costs U.S. Taxpayers a Stunning $134.9 Billion a Year, according to a detailed analysis of federal, state and local programs that include education, medical, law enforcement and welfare.

Please remember that the federal government has no money of its own. It all comes out of your pocket. There are 4.4 million people who want to legally immigrate to the United States and are patiently waiting their turn. But there are limits on the number of new immigrants that the government believes they can handle.

Why should those who have been waiting for years have to wait while we admit others who have crossed the border illegally? Should Silicon Valley be able to increase the number of H-1B visas in order to import workers from other countries who will work for less?  Does a nation have a right to control their border? Do we admit the richest who can add to out wealth? Or your tired and poor as Emma Lazarus suggests? These are all complicated and   difficult questions, that should not be settled by changing the language (dreamers) suggesting that (against their will) should rank over a long legal wait.

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