American Elephants

Salt by The Elephant's Child

Nanny Bloomberg strikes again.  I don’t understand what he can be thinking.  Does he think it is his duty as mayor to regulate what New Yorkers eat? Where did he get that idea?  Of course it is not surprising that Obama’s FDA would attempt to follow suit.  Michelle Obama seems to think that it is her job to decide what children should eat.

There are a huge number of things about our government that need attention: the spending level, the budget deficit, a major unemployment problem, our relations with our neighbors to the South and to the North.  There are some free-trade agreements still sitting in the President’s inbox, unsigned. His Justice Department seems to be out-of-control, his massive health care plan isn’t going to work.  There is really plenty to do in matters that are the responsibility of the President and they really don’t need to be telling the American people how to live.  They have misconstrued their duties.

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