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Ten Long Years of Substandard Growth. Thanks, President Obama. by The Elephant's Child


“The United States has gone for a record of 10 straight years without reaching 3 percent growth in real Gross Domestic Product.” President Obama has consistently tried to portray the economy as recovering and growing, but the Bureau of Economic Analysis has released the data and it’s a dismal picture.

The average growth rate for economic recoveries since the 1960s is 3.9 percent. The Obama recovery is ranked at an average GDP growth rate of just 2.1 percent — among the very slowest in history.

When the economy tanks, it is usually because optimism went a little overboard. There’s usually some big precipitating event, but too many small businesses were underfinanced, and too many large businesses hired too enthusiastically, and too many unwise investments were made, and when the trigger went off, everything tanked. People get laid off, businesses contract and refine their goals, tighten up and prepare to do business more efficiently.

The longest previous stretch of years when real GDP didn’t grow by at least 3.0 percent, as calculated by the BEA, was the four-year stretch from 1930 to 1933, during the Great Depression, when President Roosevelt embarked on a program of vast experimentation with the economy and the government. There have been four other periods when real GDP growth didn’t reach 3.0 percent — 1945-1947; 1956-1958; 1980-1982 and 2001-2003. The BEA put out a press release today when it published its revised estimate for GDP growth in the 4th quarter of 2015: September, October, November and December increased at an annual rate of 1.0 percent.

No wonder the people are angry.

Senator Dan Coats (R-IN), chairs the Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress. In the Annual Report of the Council of Economic Advisers sent to Congress this week, the projection that real GDP would only grow by 2.7 percent this year and less in the following two years.

“Whether it is burdensome regulations, a broken tax code or a ballooning national debt, the Obama Administration’s policies are a dead weight on the economy,” said Sen. Coats. “Under this president, we continue to see stubbornly low workforce participation and historically high long-term unemployment rates.

“In order to boost GDP, we need to overhaul our tax code and strip away unnecessary government regulations to give employers the confidence they need grow their businesses and create new jobs. Congress can take action to help grow our economy, but we need a willing partner in the White House,” said Coats.

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