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Obama Wants to Change the Subject — To Climate Change. by The Elephant's Child

The U.S Government has released its National Climate Assessment, 840 pages summarizing a wide variety of normal climate occurrences which are causing everything awful. Droughts, floods, severe weather, heat waves, hurricanes tornadoes, more snow, lakes frozen over, less snow— it is all due to climate change.

“The report is an alarmist document designed to scare people and build political support for unpopular policies such as carbon taxes, cap-and-trade, and EPA regulatory mandates.”

Climate is a statistic of worldwide temperatures. Weather is what Mother Nature does outside. Floods, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes and snow are weather.

Obama has a steadily declining approval rating, a sick economy, a disastrous foreign policy, and investigations digging into the multitude of administration scandals, and new ones pop up every day. No wonder he wants to change the subject.

Here’s Marlo Lewis from CEI, on Fox News: “Alarmists offer untrue, unrelenting doom and gloom.”

Anthony Watts from “Houston, we have a dumbass problem’

Marc Morano at Climate Depot: “Global Temperature Update: No global warming at all for 17 years 9 months.”

Climate Scientists from Cato Institute: “The Missing Science from the Draft National Assessment on Climate Change”

Climate scientist Dr. Roy Spencer: “Climate Change Mass hysteria Grips the U.S.” Also see: “Top Ten Good Skeptical Arguments.”

From Juliet Eilperin, the Washington Post: “For Obama, a renewed focus on climate.”

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