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Administration Schemes Aren’t Doing Well in Court. by The Elephant's Child

In the Courts last week, the big story was another rejection of ObamaCare, when the individual mandate was declared unconstitutional by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. The same day,  however, a federal court in Wyoming threw out Obama administration rules that sought to slow down expedited environmental review of oil and gas drilling on federal land.

The Western Energy Alliance sued in response to the administration’s junk-science drilling ban. Salazar had pulled scores of oil leases by invoking bogus ecological claims, and has presided over an expansive land grab by administrative fiat. Salazar simply ignored the law and tried to strangle development in miles of red-tape regulation, and months of stalling.

Congress had mandated an expedited review process for oil and natural gas development where the impact is minimal or where environmental analysis has been done.  Salazar’s Interior Department had ignored this mandate and curtailed the expedited reviews without any formal process or public comment period. The federal judge was Nancy Freudenthal, appointed to the bench by President Obama.

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