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Maybe it’s Time to Put Away the “Not Presidential” Idea by The Elephant's Child

The Left in general, and the Never Trumpers in particular, complain that President Trump is “not presidential.” The “presidential” part seems to mostly be directed at his habit of “tweeting.” We are told that the president has trained himself to operate on only six hours of sleep, so he can get more done. Other presidents didn’t tweet, and it’s rude, and crude, and not “presidential”. You’ve got 140 characters, so what you say has to be brief and snappy. And as far as other presidents, Twitter is just coming up on its sixth birthday, so Obama is the only other acting president who could have tweeted, and he does. Jack Dorsey sent the first tweet on March 21, 2006.

According to Twitaholic, the current five most popular Twitter accounts are: ladygaga: 33,265,051 followers, justinbieber: 33,262,987 followers, katyperry: 31,495,485 followers, rihanna: 27,928,899 followers, and BarackObama: 25,963,9666 followers.  It’s also important to note that a lot of these followers are fake. Lady Gaga has 32% fake followers, Barack Obama has 23% fake followers.

What most observers fail to notice is that President Trump’s tweets are strategic. He is letting the world know that he is personally paying attention. He is also letting the world know that he is not predictable.  And the world is paying attention, and they don’t know what to expect. “South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and the ruling African National Congress (ANC) appear to have walked back ambitious proposals for “expropriation without compensation —for the present — as a result of a controversial tweet by President Donald Trump.” Italy and Hungary Create an ‘Anti-Immigration Axis’. Don’t know if that is a response to a tweet, but it surely has something to do with America having their back. On the Palestinian Refugee Issue, President Trump is Magnificently Right. In Florida, a big boost for Rep Ron DeSantis came from President Trump’s endorsement. and GOP Gov. Rick Scott won an important victory at the polls.

The Washington Times observes that 83% of business executives say business is better, 76% see more growth coming. Stocks are at a record high and Wall Street is growing more optimistic that trade tensions are easing.

Many have seen President Trump as a reality TV star, or a New York raconteur, without understanding of the politics and deep experience of being a builder in New York City. I suspect that dealing with building codes, city bureaucrats, property owners, the legal establishment and who knows what else just might be a better training for political leadership than being a state legislator or even a governor.

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