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About Your White House Event On Guns, Mr. Obama: by The Elephant's Child

Over at American Thinker, Bruce Johnson responds to President Obama’s special event on the deep problem of guns in America:

Children Against Deficit Spending

Imagine the optics.

John Boehner sits in his office. He is surrounded by children and heaps of letters from other children.

He smiles and bounces one of the children on his knee.

The camera comes into sharp focus on Boehner’s face.

He explains that all these children surrounding him, and all the children who sent these letters that are piled before you, have only one wish.

Stop the deficit spending by holding the debt ceiling.

Boehner then states the case that today’s deficits are ruining the financial future of these children and the children know it.  The children ask for our help. He asks “How can we deny them their future?”

Read the whole thing at American Thinker. Priceless.

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