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White House Lies About Costs Of ObamaCare by The Elephant's Child

Today the hapless Jay Carney, who came to the post of White House Press Secretary from Time  (formerly Time Magazine) announced that ObamaCare should not be considered for any deficit reduction because “The Affordable Care Act reduces the deficit considerably.”

I would simply point out to you that the Supreme Court has spoken, the American people have spoken, congressional leaders of both parties have spoken and we’re going to continue with implementation.

This White House has its very own facts, which are not to be disagreed with. Their facts are whatever Obama said they are. Obama has admitted to being bad at math, which perhaps accounts for the problem. John Boehner said that the fiscal cliff negotiations need to include Obamacare:

The president’s health care law adds a massive, expensive, unworkable government program at a time when our national debt already exceeds the size of our country’s entire economy.

In March 2010, leading democrats and their media supporters were just “giddy” to report they had crunched some numbers and found the nationalized health care bill they were pushing would reduce the deficit by $138 billion. Perhaps that’s where Democrats come from — all the people who flunk math become liberals. It was, of course, complete hooey. They used phony numbers, counted some things twice, made bad assumptions, and created a huge straw man.

The Congressional Budget Office does good work, but they can give estimates only with the information they are given. That is, they can’t go out looking for contrary evidence, or any evidence. They must devise their numbers with the information that is given to them.

The latest CBO estimate says that ObamaCare , over ten years, will now cost $2.6 Trillion — nearly three times a much as the initial estimate. And it is sure to cost far more. The incentives built into the program are not measured, and they are mostly bad. There are many problems with the bill that remain officially unconsidered, but are huge — like the shortage of physicians to serve Medicare and Medicaid patients. We’re already nearly 50,000 short of the needed doctors, and the numbers who will leave the profession are increasing. The bill funnels ever more people into Medicaid, and demands more time and service from the attending doctor, with no idea where they are going to get the needed doctors. ………………………………………………….. …………..(click to enlarge)

ADDENDUM: Reader Lon Mead corrected me. Mr. Carney was press secretary for V.P. Joe Biden before coming to the White House — after Time. So he has been flacking longer than I thought.


This is Why Obama Isn’t Doing Press Conferences. by The Elephant's Child

The White House press corps has become increasingly restless as the president has been unavailable for questions for more than two months. Apparently the president noticed, and today he popped in to the regular press briefing to take a few questions.

The president insisted that “Nobody accused Mr. Romney of being a felon.” Other than deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter, who suggested just that back in July when the campaign insisted that his signature on a SEC document proved that he was still in charge at Bain Capital when he claimed  to have been working on the Olympics. In other words, I’ll just get the accusation out there once more while saying it’s not my fault, but I won’t denounce it.

President Obama maintained that “I don’t think Governor Romney is somehow responsible for the death of the woman that was portrayed in that ad— where Joe Soptic claimed that Romney was somehow responsible for his wife’s death from cancer six years after Romney had left Bain Capital.  But keep in mind, this is an ad that I didn’t approve, I did not produce, as far as I can tell, has barely run.  I think it ran once.” Oh yes, it’s that super PAC that my campaign has nothing to do with at all, except you have Stephanie Cutter on tape thanking Joe Soptic for sharing.

Then the questions turned to welfare reform. Obama said that Romney’s ad was a lie, it was just that five governors had asked for some flexibility in how they manage their welfare rolls as long as it produces 2o% increases in the number of people who are getting work.” So they did their usual trick of redefining words: they will let  oh, babysitting or going to meetings count for work if the state promises to reduce the welfare rolls by 20%.

Obviously, it’s been so long since he was confronted with real questions that he had trouble answering them. In a debate, it wouldn’t be pretty.

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