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Here’s John Stossel to Tackle Current Claims of Climate Doom by The Elephant's Child

And here is the Manhattan Contrarian answering the question “Who is Winning the Climate Wars?” Do we have to panic in the expectation that in just 12 years it’s all over? Greta Thunberg’s mother says her daughter’s ideas are important because she is able to see the Carbon Dioxide rising out of chimneys and the rising seas.

In spite of all the panic, the rising of the seas seems to take place in millimeters rather than feet. There are roughly 25 millimeters to an inch, so you can see the rise of the oceans are possibly not what some assume. I thought you would fine these two pieces interesting in the wake of the sainted Greta’s visit to the U.S, the UN and Hollywood.

The Greedy Bastard Theory of Politics by The Elephant's Child

There was a great piece at American Thinker yesterday, called “The Greedy Bastards Paradox.” President Obama, in his State of the Union Speech, claimed that the road to economic wonders, the rescue of our economy and full employment resided in the pursuit of a clean green economy. Graceful wind turbines, solar shingles, high-speed rail — you know the litany.

Bet on green and you win the future. Let’s also stipulate, as the left believes, that private capital in America is in the hands of greedy bastards — capitalists who will do anything for a buck.

The question then becomes why all those greedy bastards are not pouring money into the epochal investment opportunity that President Obama unveiled.  Why is Wall Street not running up the stocks of companies positioned to flourish in the coming green economy?  Where are the private equity firms that should be knocking down the doors of the solar shingle company that the President touted?  Why aren’t hedge fund sharpies jumping into high-speed rail?  After all, if Warren Buffet or John Paulson delivered a speech that laid out the way to win the future, every other greedy bastard would be shoveling money into their ideas before the applause was over.

An excellent observation. Do read the whole thing. There’s a great lesson there.  Pay attention to the greedy bastards who are investing their own money and doing their own due diligence, instead of listening to the siren songs of the rent-seeking snake-oil promoters.

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