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Dr. William Happer is Leaving the Administration by The Elephant's Child

Dr. William Happer announced today that he is leaving the National Security Council on Friday September 13 after completion of his one-year term as director of emerging technologies. He had previously served as the director of energy research for the Department of Energy from 1991 to 1993.

A statement by Dr. Patrick Moore who chairs the CO² Coalition and Caleb Stuart Rossiter, a climate statistician and the executive director of the coalition read in part:

We particularly call attention to your efforts this year to harden American infrastructure from electro-magnetic pulses, and to improve a government science bureaucracy that had been producing scientifically unsound and wildly exaggerated reports on the impact of carbon dioxide emissions on global temperature and hence weather variables.

While your proposed review of alarmist analyses and projections has been delayed, we believe your work in calling attention to the problem of unscientific climate alarmism has reduced the chances of the dramatic increases in energy prices that would arise from the banning of fossil fuels that some have proposed. That in turn will improve and even save lives, both here and abroad.

Do read the whole article at Climate Depot. There is a huge push to spend $16 Trillion to stop climate change (We have no idea of how to stop the climate from changing), the government has no money of its own and $16 trillion coming out of your pocketbooks and wallets would have more effect on your well being than it would on the climate. Greta Thunberg has spoken and wants you to be scared about the climate like she is.

We Have A Case of Mass Hysteria by The Elephant's Child

Here is Dr. William Happer, the Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics, Emeritus at Princeton University, and a science advisor to President Trump. Since he does actual science, he is naturally labeled as a “denier”, which simply means that he doesn’t accept Democrat propaganda, but calls it “a case of Mass Hysteria.”

They speak about the models. When grant money became available from government agencies to find out what was going on with the Climate, a lot of professors who thought they could write a good grant proposal which would mean prestige for their department, maybe an assistant, new equipment, prestige for their university. So they adapted the computer programs that had been developed to estimate what the stock market and the economy were going to do.They entered what they knew for sure about the climate, which wasn’t all that much.

It’s complicated. The models looked at the other models, and tried to agree. But there’s the sun. weather, clouds we don’t know much about the action of clouds, some are thick, some are wispy, they move in different directions at different levels, There are rain clouds, thunder clouds, and they’re not the same in any two different places.

And it turns out that “Climate Change” is just a tool for getting rid of Capitalism. That’s from the Secretary of the IPCC, Christiana Figueres, and AOC’s recent advisor, who also admitted their goal.

If you want to learn more about carbon dioxide, you can visit which is dedicated to the study of carbon dioxide. by the Idsos. Craig Idso Ph.D. and Sherwood Idso, PhD. and has all sorts of good information.

Can Climate Models Predict Climate Change? by The Elephant's Child

No they can’t. Here’s why. Please listen carefully to Dr. William Happer. There is way too much nonsense floating around out there, largely from politicians who are quite sure that declaring themselves as ‘caring about the environment’ is the way to electoral success. Maybe, but it won’t do much for the climate.

You might also visit Dr.Roy Spencer’s website. He’s the scientist who runs the satellites that give us the world temperatures, and he says that we really don’t understand the action of clouds at all.

Hillary was out making a speech today about the drastic changes in climate ahead, and how it was all going to be a problem for women. I kind of lost interest at that point, and didn’t stick around for the rest of it. Something to do with desertification and women having to pack up and move south.

ADDENDUM: I forgot to add a link to Dr.Roy Spencer’s website, though it is available in the sidebar. Good site to explain the basics of global warming science.Good site for those who want to ‘resist’ the alarmist’s insistence that unbelievers should be sent to detention camps to learn correct thinking.

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