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Here’s What the World Health Organization Has to Say: by The Elephant's Child

I am trying to keep up with worldwide reports, especially after learning of the dreadful case of Italy who lost so many elderly people, so I checked in with the World Health Organization (WHO), and thought that probably many of you had not, and were depending on the American media, who have become (as Hillary called anyone who dared to support President Trump) — the”Deplorables.” And you can’t trust the media any more. They are trying to blame the entire coronavirus on Donald Trump. Nevermind that he seems to be doing exactly the right things, effectively, and a pretty good job of protecting American citizens.

So here is the website for the WHO and what they are reporting for each country. Again, this is what has been reported to them. Africa is experiencing it only very lightly, as is the Russian Federation. Is that really few cases or lax reporting? Only 304 cases in Canada, and not too much is South America. They have a list for each country, besides a dandy map that gives a visual idea. We are told that the death toll from the flu is high, but I haven’t seen reports of how many Americans died from the flu, nor how it affected other countries. The flu was devastating following World War I, and killed thousands. Have heard constantly from pharmacies to be sure to get your flu shots, so apparently many people don’t or they wouldn’t nag.

China has 81,077 cases, Italy 24,747 cases.  I don’t know. Do you hunger for more statistics so you feel more prepared, calmer? Or are you sick of the whole subject? I always line up with “studying up” — the more you know, the less the chance that you can be a victim.

The United Nations Can Find Things to Praise in the Strangest Places! by The Elephant's Child
May 4, 2010, 12:48 am
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There are situations in the world that make you want to bang your head on the wall, because they are so senseless.  They are all too often found in the proximity of the United  Nations.

World Health Organization Director-General Margaret Chan has returned from Pyongyang, with wonderful news.  The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is making great strides in health care.  They now boast one “household doctor” for every 130 households.  North Korean doctors selflessly have chosen not to emigrate and have even  conquered the decadent West’s problem of obesity! Ms. Chan’s surreal statements, as reported by several wire services, really did include praise for North Korean health care and for the lack of obesity.

Not exactly consistent with the reports of other visitors or with the accounts of North Koreans fleeing starvation — after a poor harvest and a harsh winter a climbing trend again.  Ms Chan’s predecessor described the North’s health-care system near collapse in 2001.  The North has depended, since then, on foreign aid to feed one-third of their population.  The statistics the government offers on doctors, nurses and midwives are highly unlikely.

Today the WHO has become a cheerleader for Cuban health care.  As long as a totalitarian state gives poorly trained people the title of “doctor”, and takes visiting officials on tours of pretend hospitals, the UN is happy to offer its seal of approval.  Michael Moore fell for it too.

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