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Short of Campaign Funds? Desperation Sets In? by The Elephant's Child

The Obama campaign has been complaining that Romney may raise more money than Obama this time around.  Obama completed his 150th “campaign event” last week, which is more fund-raisers than those of all recent presidents put together.  Aside from that, many campaign trips are anchored by a trip to a manufacturer of solar panels or other manufacturer so that he can call the trip “official business” and the taxpayers get the bill.

They have a wide array of designer created Obama merchandise for sale, to raise money. And there are the regular auctions of “dinner with the Obamas,” and all the fancy $40,000 a plate events at the homes of the glitterati, and I guess he’s still coming up short.

But this one takes the cake. Getting married? Big wedding? Birthday? Tell your friends to skip the presents and send the money to the Obama Event Registry. Support the President on your Big Day. Can it get more tacky than this? 
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