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Joe Biden and His Climate Crisis: by The Elephant's Child
March 6, 2021, 6:56 pm
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The Biden administration is reverting to Obama’s 2016 guidance until its new working group fully updates its work next year. Researchers, industries and environmentalists have begun to line up to advise the White House just how they think this number should be calculated. Biden’s chief climate advisor is Gina McCarthy, left over from the Obama administration and famous for killing two rivers. or at least the life in two rivers, one of them in Alaska, the other the mighty Colorado.

Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore:Clearly, the social cost of carbon is negative on its many fronts. Perhaps we should get paid for emitting it. It is responsible for up to 70% of increased food crop production (I guess they didn’t factor that in). It is greening the land and presumably the oceans. It is perhaps involved in slightly increasing global temperature above the frigid Pleistocene Epoch the Earth has been locked in for 2.6 million years, although there is no proof of this. It makes all plants more efficient in their use of water. It makes greenhouse production of food 30-60% higher than at ambient levels.”

Bloomberg Law: President Joe Biden has reactivated the Obama-era approach to estimating the cost of climate change, a move that will revamp environmental regulations by establishing a much higher dollar value for greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.

A document published by the White House in the Federal Register on Friday re-installs the Obama administration’s interim values for the “social cost of carbon,” a figure that has been used to shape dozens of energy-related regulations. The Trump administration disbanded the interagency group responsible for the work and reduced the estimate to a small fraction of conventional values.

The social cost of greenhouse gases is an estimate of how much money the U.S. stands to benefit from avoiding each additional metric ton of emitted carbon dioxide, methane, or nitrous oxide, which are the three most important planet-warming gases. This measure is used in federal benefit-cost analyses to account for damage caused by fossil fuel, capturing impacts from pollution that aren’t reflected in the market prices for gas, oil, and coal. And of course, what the Biden administration used to eliminate the XL Pipeline and millions of jobs, unnecessarily.

Typically, an obscure economic measure of climate change, the social cost of carbon occasionally escapes academic journals to play a central role in federal climate policy. A federal court ruled in 2007 that the White House had to consider the costs of climate change in rulemaking, and President Obama convened an interagency working group to identify a measure grounded in data and the mechanics of strict federal guidelines.

The models underpinning the social cost of carbon have become something of a punching bag in economic circles, in part because of the particular sensitivity of their results to assumptions over how fast money loses value over time. Economists call this the discount rate.

What happened, I think, way back when we started looking at climate, and the first outrageous claims about climate catastrophe came out, was that the federal government, slightly alarmed, started offering grants and emoluments to university scientists interested in climate for authentic information. Well, grants meant new equipment, honors, prestige. There was a massive clicking on of the computers in the science departments. They put in what they knew for sure about the climate. They added their best information from their fellows in the specialty, and put in their best guesses, and hoped it all would result in major grants. It was the part they didn’t really know anything about and their best guesses that has caused all the trouble.

Christiana Figueres, the General Secretary of the IPCC, at a press conference back in 2015, admitted that the object of the whole climate change thing, was to rid the world of Capitalism. Information is not always straightforward, nor even truthful; and from it’s panicky origins, climate has always been a weapon, not a fact.

Here are two valuable videos you can order from Climate Depot, Climate Hustle One and Climate Hustle Two, to stream once or as a DVD to keep. Inexpensive and worth your time, Good for your kids too.

Good Grief! Leave Dr. Seuss Alone! by The Elephant's Child
March 4, 2021, 9:42 pm
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I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted with cancelling and banning. Dr. Seuss was kind of the last straw. No. Dr. Seuss was not racist. E-Bay has even banned Dr. Seuss’s books from being sold on their website. “Racist” is the latest hot-button and everyone is looking for the slightest traces of it anywhere, since George Floyd’s death, not from police detainment with a Minneapolis-legal knee hold, but from a fentanyl overdose. The trial of the policeman involved is just starting, and Minneapolis is preparing for violence. The Civil War is being re-fought, and army bases named after Confederate generals re-named and of course all statues of Confederates torn down and destroyed. Joe Biden announced before he selected his running mate that it had to be a black female. One would think qualifications might come first, but that’s where we are. We have two political parties very much at odds with one another.

History is what happened in the past. It frequently gets re-written, as the New York Times silly 1610 Project was, but to be fair, it’s also easy to see just where that came from. A quick look at one of my American history books clarified that promptly. A ship of Portuguese sailors had a load of blacks who they sold to Virginia planters for the amount of their passage to America. They had to work off that cost as “indentured servant”s. Indentured servitude was common at that time, as many who wanted to come to America could not afford the cost of the passage. They had to work off the cost. It was not slavery, nor was it looked down upon. Some were well-educated and worked off their indenture as teachers. They didn’t have credit cards then.

I’m not sure that we are teaching our children just why they need to be informed. Why they need history. Why they need to know how to find facts and true information. How to check the so-called “fact checkers.” How to be informed and active throughout their lives. I take back that “I’m not sure”. Of course they do not. More and more pieces online are labeled with the estimated reading time, as people must be persuaded that this bit of information is worth their time, or not. Somehow that is sending the wrong message, and leading to trouble. There are always people out there with different ideas of where the country should be going and developing, what’s right and wrong. You have representatives in Congress to act for you, but are they acting for you? Do you send them any messages beyond whether or not they get your vote? Do they know what you expect and want? Let them know! That’s what they are there for, and if they don’t represent what you want, vote them out. If we do not want a nation run by the occupants of the Washington D.C. swamp, we need to make them know what it is we do want.

Dr. Seuss made funny rhythmic poems illustrated with silly drawings. They delighted kids. Banning has gone way too far, and needs to be stopped in its tracks.

Elizabeth Warren, Fake Indian, Is Back! by The Elephant's Child
March 1, 2021, 4:40 pm
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Elizabeth Warren, the fake Indian, is back again, fuming over people who have more money than she does. I don’t get it. But that’s the root cause of socialism, I guess. Nobody should have more than you do. No Fair! There are people who are prettier than I am, or more graceful, more athletic, so what? I’m me, and a result of the choices I make and the talents I can nurture, and the things I believe are important. No fair! Make everybody equal. That’s the “promise” of socialism, except it doesn’t work out that way. Why is America so much richer and more successful than Europe? If you made everybody equal in terms of money, how long would that last as some save and some spend. This was one of Warren’s goals in her unsuccessful presidential campaign, and now, as a new member of the Senate Finance Committee, she has jurisdiction over tax issues and undoubtedly worked hard to get there.

We are not all equal, and you cannot make us all equal, and for that matter, why would you want to? Think how this might play out. If your wealth is being taken away, why would you try to create an Amazon or a Tesla? Not that they had any intent of becoming the wold’s richest people, just that they had an idea and wanted to see where they could go with it, and the rest of us are richer because they did. Their example has undoubtedly spawned hundreds of other businesses, some successful, some not. Where did you think all those new inventions came from? What makes the difference? Some luck, some skill, some ambition, and those are all good things. Think through where this would go. Some would move away. Renounce their citizenship. Having received permission to take the money of the richest away, think of all the “good causes” that could require more and more and more.

Warren is apparently especially offended that some billionaires have seen their wealth increase during the pandemic over the past year. She said:”A two-cent wealth tax would just help level the playing field a little bit, and create the kind of revenue that would let us build back better, as Joe Biden says.

“Build Back Better” are the key words for the “Great Reset” the big Davos idea for world government and the complete loss of freedom resulting. If you have not studied up on The Great Reset, do so. I have written about it before, as have many others. George Orwell died in 1950, but we are doomed to keep reading his works, I guess. I cannot emphasize enough how much utter contempt I have for Elizabeth Warren.

Joe Biden’s Architecture Problem by The Elephant's Child
March 1, 2021, 10:39 am
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It’s becoming quite clear that President Biden’s goal is to eliminate anything Trump. He’s used up another of his Executive Orders to reject President Trump’s idea that Washington D.C. would be a more attractive city if the architecture conformed to the classical buildings of traditional Washington rather than erecting big sprawling plain modernist buildings, which a good portion of the people find rather unattractive. The traditional buildings are Federalist, Greek Revival, Italianate, or Romanesque Revival. Here’s an article explaining the intent of President Trump’s executive order. When you get into Art Deco and Mid-Century Modernism- you can see why President Trump encouraged classical style, rather than going off with the latest fashion. Trump was of course right, and having built Trump hotels all over the world, he was a little more conscious of architectural styles than most.

This compulsion of Biden’s to dispose of anything Trump is just weird. Sorry, President Biden, he is President Trump, and will go down in the history books as having done a remarkably good job for the American people. Suggesting that no one did anything about the Covid-19 pandemic until he, Joe Biden, arrived is just silly. President Biden is bragging about setting up Vaccination sites all across the country, but he’s not going to have any vaccine at any of them. Not enough supplies yet, though we haven’t heard any more about the supposed warehouse filled with millions of doses.

There is a problem with children arriving at the border pretending to be family, but apparently unrelated, and being transported to get the adults across the border, or the kids sold into sex slavery? The kids may have been in fenced rooms, but they were well cared for and taken to parks to run and play. and every effort was made to find the real parents or real relatives, who were thoroughly checked out.

The first cases of Covid arrived in the United States in a nursing home a couple of miles north of my house. Trump was excoriated for calling it the “Chinese virus,” (Racist, of course) although viruses are commonly called after the location of the outbreak. Trump’s Operation Warp Speed undoubtedly saved hundreds of lives. It was the fastest development of a successful vaccine ever and the the people in charge of combating the virus are not hesitant to give President Trump full credit. for “warp speed” for hospital ships, for tent hospitals. President Biden, who was claiming that no one did anything about the virus until he arrived on the scene to save the American people,got his first vaccine shot in December. Pity that President Biden cannot be decent. Cartoonists have had a wonderful time making fun of the “kids in cages” bit.

The Westernmost Edge of the Border between San Diego and Tijuana. by The Elephant's Child
February 27, 2021, 8:14 pm
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Joe Biden is still a new president for many of us, and we are still trying to learn just what he has in mind and what he plans to accomplish. It is, of course, clear that the Democratic Party wants to fully control the American government, but so do the Republicans, that’s how our government is currently set up. We have other parties off and on, but they have not caught on.

Democrat’s passionate demand to be in control has been very much in evidence during the past four years. They have used every trick or lie or falsehood to demonize the recent Republican president. Every day of Trump’s four years he was under one attack or another from Hillary’s pretend Communist influence to the recent “impeachment.” They cannot stand to have a Republican in charge. And apparently they are completely unaware of all that Trump accomplished for the American people. That mindset has carried over to Joe Biden, who is trying his best to eliminate every trace of the previous four Trump years, and he’s still working hard at it. Many of his efforts are absurd, and clearly just an effort to remove anything Trump, in case some mentally disturbed citizens should actually approve of the despised past president.

President Biden has clearly emphasized his desire to open the borders to as many migrants as want to come to America. He has halted all construction on the border wall, pretty much shut down ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), made them release the prisoners they had for deportation (usually because they had committed serious crimes). He is releasing hundreds of Illegal Aliens into American towns, untested for Coronavirus, untested for past criminality. Presumably into selected towns where the newcomers will influence the vote numbers, or the census allotment of members of Congress. Democrats think that way.

You remember, I’m sure, the outcry about “kids in cages” when President Trump kept the children accompanying migrants who seemed to be unrelated to the kids who accompanied them, to keep them safe. Well, never mind. It’s no longer “kids in cages” they are now in “shelters” or “migrant facilities at the border”, subtle changes in language by the Washington Post and CBS that are meant to influence your mind into a different direction.

The border with Mexico is not a nice place. If you follow the news of the border, they keep finding mass graves of opposing groups on the Mexican side. These are not peaceful communities, there are drug cartels trying to ship drugs into the United States, and they dig tunnels and use every means of getting their goods across the border. There are immense profits available in the drug trade, and in many cases their compatriots are already in this country. The Border Patrol and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) have a difficult and dangerous job. President Biden is trying to open the borders and eliminate ICE, in the assumption that more illegal immigrants will become Democrat voters.

The Democrats urge to be in complete control of the government is insatiable. The real interests of the American people for a better economy, fewer problems with drugs, more jobs, fewer homeless, less crime, are not really a matter of concern for them. If they were, they would have had some appreciation for President Trump’s accomplishments. Instead it was a battle for four years starting with Hillary’s phony claims of Russian influence and culminating in a phony impeachment for a capitol invasion that he neither caused nor advocated.

Our current level of immigration is roughly about 1 million a year. In the midst of a devastating pandemic, an economic slowdown then the Biden administration made a big show of proposing sweeping legislation that would legalize almost all illegal aliens. enact measures that would weaken immigration enforcement and increase legal immigration to new levels. Congressional staff received a 59 page section be section summary of the bill. The White House made it clear that it’s top priority is amnesty for illegal aliens. Why?

The bill, however has not yet been introduced in Congress, and may never be. In an evenly divided Congress, it has no chance of of passage. It was proposed on the president’s first day in office to satisfy a campaign pledge and as a gesture of solidarity with the party’s most radical anti-borders activists. The administration and congressional Democrats confessed that a series of smaller measures is more likely. But the “downsized” amnesties are not small. They would give legal status to three to five million illegal aliens, more than were amnestied by the 1986 law that was supposed to be a one-time measure.

I’m inclined to support plain old legal immigration. You want to come to America and become an American, so you apply formally at a consulate, wait your turn, and come legally. Take the courses in citizenship, and in time get sworn in and welcomed as new citizens. There are “temporary” or repeatedly renewed statuses granted to people already here illegally when some sort of natural or man-made disaster strikes their home countries.

Biden has also lifted the so-called “Muslim ban” which was a qualified prohibition on issuing visas to citizens of countries whose governments are unable or unwilling to provide us with the information to allow the visa applicants to be vetted. We will probably see a lot more executive action in that line. I fail to understand the need for it, nor the reason why they regard it as a good thing.

The photo is of the westernmost edge of the border between Tijuana and San Diego. Apparently most illegal aliens did not enter through the Southern border. I guess, overstayed visas, overstayed work permits, overstayed visitors permits. Our tech industry has a lot of temporary workers.

If you are curious about immigration, go to, the Center for Immigration Studies, a think-tank dedicated to all matters about immigration, and an excellent source for good information.

Addendum: President Joe Biden in an interview with Univision on Friday, stated that “he hopes and expects the migrant facility in Texas that was used during the Trump administration”won’t stay open very long,” and that what his administration is doing is “much different” from kids in cages because there are people helping the children. Our hope and expectation is that they won’t stay open very long, and that we’ll be able to provide for every kid who comes across the border safely to be housed in a facility that is licensed. And what we’re trying to do, and we have literally hundreds of people doing it now, connect them with families in this country, get them the families that they came to see or they are looking for, and we;v e already connected thousands of them that way. And so, that’s what — that our hope, is to unite these children with families while they wait to have a hearing.” He also added that what he’s doing is “much different” from ids in cages because “we have people there helping them.” Oh, like the people who took the kids to parks and playgrounds under the Trump administration? Now the illegals coming across the border will get free taxi rides to wherever they want to go, courtesy of the taxpayers. That will solve the border crisis.

Stranger and Stranger, Inc. by The Elephant's Child
February 25, 2021, 11:05 am
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Think of this as an addendum to the idea that “it’s getting strange out there”. More Proof! President Biden is now up to 63 Executive Orders, a record! More than any other president in the history of the country, at any time and for any reason. He is clearly besotted with the idea that all he has to do is sign a piece of paper, and he gets to change the world.

Breitbart has listed all sixty three for us, and we can probably assume that there will be many more to come. No reason to assume that he will stop at sixty-three, when he’s having fun. You should probably save the list, as a reminder when the next election rolls around.

It’s Getting Very Strange Out There! by The Elephant's Child
February 25, 2021, 9:35 am
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From Weasel Zippers: “The Biden Energy Department Allegedly Blocked Texas From Increasing Power Generation Because it Would Violate Green Energy Policy” Texas asked to temporarily lift regulations on energy output to avoid disaster. Biden’s DOE refused to help because of “green energy standards.”

From FEE (The foundation for Economic Education) 10 Crazy Examples of Unrelated Waste and Partisan Kick-Backs in New ‘COVID’ Bill Starts out with $1 Billion for “Racial Justice” for Farmers. and $50 million for ‘Environmental Justice’ Grants, and $112 Million for California Transit Project (Covid?) $10 Million for Native American Language Preservation and goes on from there.

Here’s Stephen Miller on how Biden’s Immigration reform bill will impact the economy and jobs.

It’s getting very strange out there. On February 22, two members of Congress (D) sent a letter to the CEOs of companies like AT&T to question their use of information from Fox News, suggesting that Fox contributed to a growing distrust of public health measures necessary to crush the pandemic. They suggested that Fox News has long been a misinformation rumor mill and conspiracy theory disseminator. I find this appalling. The Congress people in question were Anna G. Eshoo and Jerry McNerney, both California Democrats. But really! This is highly improper, and it is not in the job assignment of members of the House to decide where the American people may get their news. Perhaps it would surprise these two to learn that Republicans don’t necessarily agree with Democrats, and that is not a bad thing. We will hope to show them the errors of their ways.

We have moved from town criers to newspapers to radio to television to the internet and each move changed America. Today we are in the age of “fact-checkers”, ordinary people who have claimed the authority to ban people from speaking, including the President of the United States and the nation of Australia. The picture above is of Texas in the midst of a climate disaster, unable to get proper assistance because of the federal government’s current illusions about “green energy” or windmills and solar power, which simply do not work. That seems to me to be pretty clear evidence that we need more and better information, and a lot fewer “fact checkers.”

The Endicott Pear Tree, 383 Years Old and Still Going Strong! by The Elephant's Child
February 24, 2021, 12:10 am
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The Mayflower arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620, bearing a shipload of British Puritans, with all their worldly goods, their livestock and their families after a long voyage across a stormy Atlantic Ocean. Simply sighting land must have been an occasion of celebration. If you scroll down, you will see a picture from an earlier post of today’s reproduction Mayflower, though it’s so pretty it’s hard to imagine it loaded down with passengers, all their possessions and all their animals after months on the sea.

Among the first group of British immigrants was an English Puritan named John Endicott who arrived in 1629 to serve as the first governor of the very new colony. He was tasked with establishing some kind of welcoming setting for further new arrivals on this untamed land. So he set about trying to make it as homey as he could. In about 1630, as his children watched, Endicott planted one of the first fruit trees to have survived the voyage, a sapling British pear tree, which they had to water carefully, for salt water would have killed it. Here’s John Endicott. Supposedly, about 1630, with his children watching, he planted the pear sapling and declared: “I hope the tree will love the soil of this new world and no doubt when we have gone the tree will still be alive. Well, 383 years later, the tree, as you can see above still thrives and bears Endicott pears.

We seem to be back in an age of beards, but John Endicott’s not exactly a prepossessing one. Fortunately, styles change. There is so much history around Massachusetts, the I imagine that many residents have never seen this tree, nor even known about it. I live on the opposite coast, and we are more apt to celebrate BIG trees like our redwoods, who loudly proclaim their importance by having tunnels through big ones on the highway. But that is a California phenomenon. I don’t think there are any spectacular trees here on the Washington Coast, but we may have some murder hornets up by the border.

I suppose on a trip to Massachusetts, a visit to the pear tree would not be high on the list, but somehow it’s nice to know it’s there, and still bearing pears, Endicott pears, after 383 years.

*State entomologists think they have eliminated the murder hornet threat.

Biden Got His Second Shot in Early January before He Was Inaugurated. by The Elephant's Child
February 22, 2021, 9:33 pm
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The American people heard that Facebook had decided to ban Australia, and ,unsurprisingly, decided that it was becoming obvious that Big-Tech was in need of some federal regulation. The Trump-haters, of course, celebrated when Twitter banned Trump, but banning the President of the United States was really going way too far, whether you liked what Trump had to say or hated it. President Trump thought it was a good thing to be able to talk more directly and informally to the American people than through press conferences and speeches. I’m not at all sure that Big Tech has learned any lesson, but they will be regulated, and they are not going to like it. Not everything is about one’s political preferences. Companies used to realize that antagonizing half of the population wasn’t a wise plan.

These are strange times, and it goes way beyond tearing down an occasional statue or carrying a torch. Baylor University students have demanded the removal of the statue of Judge Baylor, for whom the university was named, and here at the University of Washington, students want the statue of the Father of our Country removed. That is so silly, you almost have to laugh. College students are told on the one hand that they are the elite, attending a university, and going to lead the world. On the other hand, their teachers struggle to hammer in a few facts. And all the other stuff that goes along with it, falling in love, making new friends, trying new things, being away from home and free to do as you please, racking up debt. You can’t expect much in the way of intelligent action, so don’t put much weight in the “wisdom” of college students.

The School Board in San Francisco was going to change the names of a good many of their schools, eliminating those who weren’t properly “woke” like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, but they were made fun of across the country. It was noted today that they are turning their attention to getting all the schools open and not bothering with name changing. I guess this is progress.

But it’s nasty out there. Do you read the comments on articles? There are major battles being waged even there. Is that healthy? Or not? As far as that goes, are Twitter and Facebook healthy and do they contribute to our country?

Joe Biden, trying desperately to eliminate anything done or said by Donald Trump, has tried to pretend that Trump did nothing about Covid-19 and only now is the Biden administration beginning to help. That’s not going to work. Joe Biden got his second virus shot in January, before he was inaugurated, the first one back in December. He doesn’t want Trump getting any credit for anything to do with the pandemic.

Earlier this week, he claimed that President Trump didn’t “order enough” COVID 19 vaccines, then he claimed that there was no vaccine distribution plan. No national strategy. But then again, he’s setting up all sorts of vaccination locations across the country, He just admits there just won’t be any vaccine there.He really, really doesn’t want the hated Trump to get any credit for anything about the pandemic.

The National Institutes of Health

Do You Even Know What a Spittoon is? by The Elephant's Child
February 21, 2021, 10:14 pm
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I’m currently re-reading Noble House, a big fat novel by James Clavell about Hong Kong, because its one of those old absorbing novels that you get wrapped up in. But in one of the conversations among characters in the story, I ran across the word “spittoon”. Ancient, unfashionable word from the days when men, at least some of them, chewed tobacco. I would wager that there is a large percentage of the population that has never heard the word and has no idea of it’s meaning. And most certainly, they have never seen a spittoon. I did read that spittoons still inhabit the halls of Congress. Not that anybody uses them, it’s just that they are customary.

So, curious, I investigated a little, (and I emphasize ‘little’). Do people still chew tobacco? Well, yes, but rarely. In the wake of tobacco causing cancer, many substitutes have been developed, from all sorts of more palatable plants. Mints, spices that sort of thing, but spittoons seem to have vanished from the scene, except in museums. A spot in a museum seems a bit odd, doesn’t it? There are obviously more important objects. A spittoon was essentially a big round pot with a very wide brim to catch the misses. There were small pocket spittoons as well that you could carry around with you.

Times change and fashions change, But in some places chewing tobacco or tobacco substitutes is still going on strong. Odd

The Texas Disaster, The Kerry Disaster, and Upcoming Facebook Disaster. by The Elephant's Child
February 20, 2021, 9:53 pm
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We had a neighborhood power outage last fall, and it was uncomfortable, and we were ill-prepared. Reminds me that I need to get a camping lantern. Candles are romantic but not very useful. We don’t realize how much we depend on our power services until they are not operating.

John Kerry, President Biden’s Climate Guru (the Special Envoy for Climate) announced that we have just 9 years left before Climate Armageddon or something like that. Our records of the climate only begin in 1880. “Global Warming” began in 1850. How much has the earth warmed since 1880? About 1 degree centigrade. OMG, Run for the hills! President Biden has rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement (without Congressional approval) which will accomplish nothing at all. ‘The planet will not notice whether the UN Paris pact exists nor whether the U.S. is part of it. Even UN officials admit that the Paris pact did not save the planet as CO2 emissions continued to rise. Facebook has announced that they will be “fact checking” statements about the climate.

Texas has just had a weather disaster, more correctly, a wind turbine disaster. They got some snow and freezing weather, but the disaster was the power outage. Some people died trying to warm their houses with auto exhaust.

Americans should realize that oil and gas account for 70% of our energy supply. The reality is that blocking pipelines and development does not lower demand, it just makes getting access to energy more difficult and more costly. Oil has no material substitute. Electric cars are far more expensive and far less convenient. Climate activists blame cold and snow on — global warming.

Analysis: Social Cost of Carbon is a “Transparent and Obvious Fraud” – —Francis Menton in 2016: “The ‘Social Cost of Carbon’ can fairly be described as the mother of all government cost-benefit analyses…”In reality, it is a completely dishonest scam that wildly exaggerates costs and ignores benefits in order to justify vast seizures of power unto the government….“

Here’s a piece by journalist Andy May, who lives in Texas and writes about climate science and energy, so he gets lots of questions.

I just learned that wind turbine blades are not recyclable. They have to be buried in the landfill. Most of our rivers are dammed to produce electricity. When I was growing up, we had our own power plant, didn’t get Idaho Power until years after the War. Lots of areas in the West where you could drive for hours without seeing anywhere you could plug your electric car in.

Back in 2017, Energy Secretary Rick Perry proposed paying Coal and Nuclear Power Stations to keep at least 90 days worth of coal onsite, for disaster resilience. Widely criticized, but it might have saved Texas.

Where Do You Get The News You Need? by The Elephant's Child
February 19, 2021, 11:35 pm
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Selective Focus Photography of Magazines

In earlier days, the news mostly came by radio, at the top of the hour, and you filled in the details with your local newspaper or weekly news magazines. That’s not, of course, dealing with the evolution of the news, just before and after computers.The computer age has, of course, changed everything. We’re still expecting the news to be free, and having to pay for the details, but the computer age expected computer advertising to pay for everything. That has not worked out. Computer advertisement seems to have mostly morphed down to tee shirts with funny pictures or funny sayings on them, or kittys peeking out of pretend holes in the tee. Funny sayings may be fascinating the first time you see them, but not over and over. Nice to have your favorite catalogues on line rather than cluttering up your postal mail, but take a moment to think about how you get your news now, compared to the past. Clearly it is easier to get vastly more opinion on any one subject. But advertising is not producing the expected revenue, and now everybody wants you to buy a subscription. Which one might do for a couple of favorite websites, but unless you are in the wealthy class, it’s not likely you’ll buy subscriptions to all, by any means.

Magazine advertising ranged from tiny spots to double page spreads or even more. Google advertising does not offer any such choices. I have no idea what their options are, nor what they charge, nor what they offer in terms of exposure. I read my customary mail-order catalogues online, but I no longer see the kind of ads I used to see in a national magazine at all.The online magazines have put their choice pieces behind a paywall, so to speak. If you want to read the good ones, you have to subscribe.That’s not going to work for long either. The big double page spread of the brand new sexy car, drove enough people to their dealer to justify a big expenditure for a double page spread. Your computer has the potential to reach you with big ads, but nobody has yet learned how to do it. If they can put whole movies online, they can put a whole major ad online, but they have to learn how to do it. And I can really do without the bathroom habits ads.

Did you used to subscribe to magazines? and how many, and how many different kinds? Do you still buy magazines at the grocery store? The space given over to magazine racks seems to be diminishing. Do you still go to the library? Teach your kids to go to the library? Do you buy paperback books at Amazon or the grocery store? We forget that Amazon started out as an online book store, and graduated to becoming a seller of just about everything, largely because of their mastery of delivery. Other businesses are dying because people don’t want to have to drive to a store to buy something. The world is changing around us in profound ways and we are hardly even aware of the symptoms. As the Mars Rover makes a successful landing and starts sending back pictures, in other spots they are digging up fossils of wooly mammoths, records of unknown civilizations, and discovering that they were smarter than we knew.

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