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How Will Trump Deal With The Migrant Caravans? by The Elephant's Child

With three or more “caravans” of migrants from Central America heading up the west coast of Mexico towards our southern border, there are lots of questions about immigration. President Trump wants to eliminate birthright citizenship for those who are not born to citizens.

A few years back, more than five but I can’t remember how many, a Russian oligarch arrived in New York harbor in his gigantic yacht, anchored and shortly rushed to a New York hospital so his mistress could have an American citizen baby. Somehow that just didn’t seem right.

This election has made it clear just why the Left is so determined to favor any and all illegal aliens who arrive, and want them to become citizens. The issue of vote fraud has been very clear in California, Florida and quite a few other states, with non-citizens illegally voting. For the current crop of Democrats, being in control is all important, and they are willing to go to any lengths to make sure they are.

Migrant family apprehensions in October are up 378 percent over last year. That’s before any caravan has reached the border. The Left has insisted on portraying the caravans as peaceful migrants, but a hundred migrants have disappeared from the march. Someone rolled a truck up, told the migrants they could get a free ride, and no one has seen them since. The kids can become a “family unit” for traffickers, the women cn go to a brothel and the men may end up as drug mules or in mass graves. Massive numbers do not necessarily promote safety.

So President Trump has sent troops to the border, wants to end “birthright citizenship”, wants to build a wall to make it harder for illegals to get in. What can he do? What are his legal powers? Dan Cadman at the Center For Immigration Studies has spelled out the President’s powers: The Background, The Use of the Military, the Enforcement Powers, The Use of Force, and Border Agent Force Multipliers and other Executive Powers of the President. He can close the border.  This is a very useful view of the President’s Executive Power. Do read the whole thing. It will serve you well, as Democrats start trying to eliminate ICE, (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) the border police, and change the nation’s laws because they want to assure their own power. This is a very troubling period.


There’s a Lot Of Humor in Here Somewhere by The Elephant's Child

James Acosta is Indignant, enraged! How does the President of the United States dare to remove his press pass! Why he is a certified journalist, and is thus entitled to run the president’s press conferences, keep other reporters from speaking, push away a White House Intern trying to do her job. No fair. James Acosta and CNN are suing the president to make him take it all back.

Jim was just attempting to tell the president that he was wrong, and shouldn’t be calling the Caravans from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador “invaders”, in spite of the fact that if they were seeking asylum, were obligated under international law to accept asylum in the first country they came to, which was Mexico, which offered asylum, though most turned it down. Caravan members have said they are going right on to the United States and going right on through any borders, while they carried and waved their own national flags — which makes them aliens, that is, owing their allegiance to a country other than the United States, and having not applied to become immigrants properly, they are illegal — illegal aliens.

Democrats do like to change the names of things or the definitions, to properly change the way you think about those things. If you think about the vast mobs of people working their way up the west coast of Mexico to forcibly break through our southern border, you must think of them as poor refugeeees, fleeing to America, a “nation of immigrants” (no, we are a nation of citizens who mostly came here legally, with way too many illegal aliens among us. Democrats want them all to come in and vote for Democrats, as too many have just done in Florida.

So Jim Acosta, who was wrong about the illegal invasion, extraordinarily rude, and unprofessional, not giving the rest of the press members their turn, is suing the President of the United States, in his official residence, who decides whether to have press conferences at all, and to whom to give press passes, is having a law suit to get more publicity out of it. Sad.

And some are attacking the president as being racist for not properly supporting “Beto” O’Rourke instead of the Hispanic Ted Cruz. Uh huh.

“Enemy of the People” Or Just Failing to Do Their Assigned Job. by The Elephant's Child

The removal of Jim Acosta’s Press Credential has become a very big deal for the Democrats, they have turned it into a “talking point” which they hope to use to denigrate President Trump, of course. That CNN’s Acosta behaved very badly indeed in trying to hijack a Presidential Press Conference was a disgrace. Still chafing from the suggestion that the press was not truthful and “the enemy of the people” he wanted to disagree with the President because he called the migrant caravan an “invasion,” so he took it upon himself to argue with the President and tell him that he was wrong, while hogging the press conference and the ability to ask questions.  Extraordinarily rude.

Reporters are there to ask questions of the President, and get him to clarify his answers, but not to take control of the press conference. Acosta, having had his turn, refused to turn the microphone to a White House Intern, assigned to pass it on to another reporter waiting for his turn. He didn’t choose to give it up, and there’s disagreement over whether or not he shoved her, or just yanked the microphone away. Obviously a matter of earthshaking political concern. Mr. Acosta, if he cared to investigate the opinions of many Americans, might be astonished to learn that a vast majority of the public are concerned about the extremely partisan reporting by the media, and angry about it.

Europe Has an Important Lesson For Us. We Must Pay Attention. by The Elephant's Child



(This is mostly a post from around this time last year, but it bears repeating. Informed by Charles Hill who is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution. He was a career minister in the US Foreign Service, received every award available to career ministers, and was executive aide to former Secretary of State George P. Schultz.)


We’re having some trouble with definitions, and throwing way too many “isms” around:  nationalism and nativism, for example. The Left, big on wide open borders, prefers to define nativism as something evil, as if favoring your own citizens over illegal immigrants is reprehensible? Look up the definition of nativism. Other troublesome words are bigotry, prejudice, civility and incivility, and immigrant and migrant. ABC recently called illegal aliens (illegal: not according to law, alien: owing allegiance to some other nation) to avoid using such negative language, “undocumented citizens.” No, they’re not.

We are living in a time when the difference between undocumented citizens, immigrants and migrants is increasingly important. Europe, because of their cradle-to-grave social welfare benefits, has a declining birthrate. Because they have a declining birthrate, without enough young people working to pay for the cradle-to-grave social welfare benefits they so generously offered in order to get elected, they thought by inviting more immigrants to work and pay for the benefits, they could still prosper. “Poor” Americans have more living space than ordinary Europeans who are not poor. And more amenities.

The inviting immigrants in was a mistake for Europeans. They were feeling sorry for those in Middle Eastern refugee camps, and the well-meant invitation quickly became a flow of migrants from every hell-hole on the planet, and many ordinary countries that just didn’t have the presumed wealth of Europe.

Charles Hill explained how modernity went astray, based on a system that made room for wide cultural diversity based on a judicial doctrine of “the equality of states.”      (Do read Hill’s whole piece linked just above. It’s not long.)

The EU would become a new form of trans-national entity that would eschew war, abolish sovereign borders, exalt diplomacy, and supersede the Westphalian system by offering the world a compelling model of how to dismantle the state by devolving some of its powers downward according to the concept of “subsidiarity” while pulling other powers up into a pan-European bureaucracy in Brussels which, however defined, would not be a state. The EU assured that it was entirely un-religious and noted the care with which the text of its voluminous constitution – unratified – avoided any reference to Europe’s Christian heritage.

Put simply, the EU made itself the epitome of the Modern Age by relentless secularization. Islamism, emerging from the post-World War I collapse of the Ottoman Empire and Caliphate, made itself the vanguard of jihadist religion’s rise to become the implacable adversary of modernity. If Europe is where the siege is to take place, the drawbridge already is up:


Today, November 2, 2018 we have three caravans of migrants who plan to force their way into the United States illegally, to get jobs so they can send money back to their homes in Central America. We have no idea what percentage of the caravans represents peaceful people who just want American jobs and American benefits on the taxpayers’ dime. That there are large numbers of criminals among them is a fact. El Salvador is the home of MS-13 – gangs that are terrorizing many American cities with violence, drugs, sex-trafficking, rape, and murder. It has been reported that there are many Bangladeshi’s among them, and Bangladesh is home to many ISIS gangs. We can learn from the mistakes of the European Union.

I’m not at all convinced that the Democrats are capable of learning or caring. They seem to care only about returning to power and control. See Nancy Pelosi.

If you go to Hoover. org, and enter – ‘publication’, Charles Hill has pieces at Caravans and at  Defining Ideas or just search under his name, and you will find many articles that clarify what’s going on in the world.                                                                                                                                                                 .

The Caravan Moves On And the Questions Multiply. by The Elephant's Child

A second “caravan” has been formed and crossed the border from Honduras into Guatemala on Sunday, and on to the town of Chiquimula by Monday night.  The first Caravan (the name the media has conferred) which has been estimated at over 7,000 by the UN, the Mexican newspaper El Universal says it has swelled to around 14,000. A Fox News crew traveling with the caravan has footage showing trucks handing out food, water and toilet paper to the migrants.

Oddly, no one has mentioned whether these people have television at home and if they have seen the vast caravans of migrants making their way to Europe and settling in. These are not spontaneous uprisings. but organized and paid groups. Investor’s Business Daily says:

The “caravan” of illegal immigrants from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras now making its way to the U.S. border is no accident. The timing, planning and financing of this tragic parade has but one intent: to disrupt and influence our midterm elections. Is this what the left means by “election meddling”?

The heart-rending shots of dirt-poor people from Central America have been making the evening news, which pretends this is some kind of spontaneous movement to come to the U.S. rather than an organized attempt at disruption.

Women and children have been shoved to the fore of the columns to hide the fact that many of the 4,000 to 10,000-strong throng of people are in fact working-age males, not families. Already, in crossing the narrow entry from Guatemala into Mexico, the peaceful “caravan” members got violent, injuring four Mexican border police who stood in their way. It prompted a response from Mexico’s president.

Representative Louis Gohmert (TX) has suggested using the RICO statutes to find out where the funding is coming from, Chavista Venezuelan oil money is suspected since the Chavista’s stated desire is to flood America with indigent migrants. They have ties to the Pueblo Sin Fronteras, a well known Chavez-supporting Honduras group. Soros is suspected. The media are not interested. Somebody is supporting pre-arranged and paid-for trucks which the migrants are climbing aboard.

But the migrants are also breaking into Mexican grocery stores and helping themselves to everything. They are already leaving behind all sorts of stuff in a mess, but including strollers and bedding. All will become clearer as time passes. It’s a long way walking up through Mexico to the border. Fox News interviewed one migrant who said that there are criminals “everywhere” in th crowd. Other sources have identified Bangladeshis. It is very likely that there are MS-13 and other terrorists among the numbers.

The Media Heartthrob, Robert Francis O’Rourke, Offers a Solution by The Elephant's Child

Candidate for the U.S. Senate, Congressman (D-TX) ‘Beto’ (Robert Francis) O’Rourke, helpfully suggested that America needed to send financial aid to stabilize Central America to decrease asylum-seeking immigrants.

O’Rourke said, “If things are so desperate in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, that someone would risk their lives to come here than what can we do to improve situations there? We have invested trillions of dollars for wars in the Middle East. Could we invest some fraction of that to provide the stability in Northern triangle counties of Central America make sure people have a reason to stay and raise their families where they were born?”

Well, there you go. That ought to solve everything.

ADDENDUM:  We have a lot of readers who are not Americans, who may be confused by some of this. Robert Francis O’Rourke decided to be called “Beto” to make himself seem a bit more Hispanic, for Texas. To the Media he looks like one of the Kennedys, and they are enchanted. President Trump has threatened Honduras and Guatemala with losing their American aid, if they don’t stop this migrant caravan. So “Beto” has a little catching-up to do.

The Dogs Bark But the Caravan Moves On Through Mexico by The Elephant's Child

This Sunday in Southern Mexico: the Mexican authorities have not been able to turn back the Caravan. “Their numbers swelled to about 5,000 overnight and at first light they set out walking toward Tapachula, 10 abreast in a line stretching approximately a mile.” Breitbart has a video.

After an emergency meeting in Guatemala, presidents Hernandez of Honduras and Jimmy Morales of Guatemala said an estimated 5,400 migrants had entered Guatemala since the caravan was announced a week ago, and about 2,000 Hondurans have returned voluntarily.

Mexicans are offering food to some, but obviously feeding 7,000 is not going to happen. President Trump has said they are not entering this country, and he will call out the Army, not the Guard. Just how they are to be stopped must be a quandary. They are invaders, hoping to accomplish what they want by their sheer numbers. Democrats, clearly without understanding of the potential problems, are all for open borders because a majority of new immigrants are apt to vote Democrat, and apparently that is the only thing about them that interests the Left. They have reportedly been paid to do this.

What they are going to do without food is a question. Even if they have some money, no grocery store can supply 5-7,000 people. We could address the crowd somewhere in Mexico and explain that even our economy cannot supply work for 7,000 people at once. Give each of them a $100 bill if they give their word that when registered to vote, they will vote Republican.

That ought to get the Democrats very interested in building the wall on our Southern Border. Congressmen would probably head down to the border themselves to help build it.

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