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It’s The Same Old Story, And We Have To Keep Repeating it Over and Over. by The Elephant's Child
May 17, 2017, 9:49 pm
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The Left is a political machine that exists for the sole purpose of being in permanent control. They see themselves as educated elite experts who are designed by nature to fix everything.

It was reported today that the heads of the big labor unions give themselves far larger salaries than the CEOs of major corporations. The labor unions collect enough in dues from their workers to give heavily to Democrat candidates for office, so the Democrats will make legislation that is favorable to the unions. The unions threaten the companies where workers are unionized that they will go on strike, and hurt the company bottom line,  if the companies don’t do their bidding. Union workers are taught, and occasionally believe, that the unions are making their lives better, so they do as they are told. This is how politics works.

The current issue of ObamaCare is an excellent example. The Left has observed, in particular, Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), and noticed that as long as the government has total control of what health care the people get, the people are more afraid that they will lose their health care than they are of challenging government control. Therefore, once the government controls health care, they are assured that most people will vote for the government that promises continuing care. The Democrats who pushed through ObamaCare without a single Republican vote do not now and never did care about whether the health care was good, whether it actually saved lives or not. They care about control.

The legislature in North Carolina passed a bill to require photo ID at the polls so that they could assure that the person was entitled to vote. Democrats, who cannot win elections if fraud is not allowed, insisted that the only reason for photo ID was clearly racist—trying to prevent black people from voting. And they won in court. Republicans believe that dead people should not be allowed to cast a vote, nor should people who have already voted in another state, nor should illegal immigrants be allowed to vote. The prevalence of such vote fraud is clear, but in the current political climate an accusation of racism is a useful weapon.

These examples are, unfortunately, typical of the way the Left works. Republicans don’t seem to know how to respond. They may understand what is going on, but are too afraid that they will not be reelected if they don’t surrender. What percentage or proportion of the Left is committed to the glorious future? Or what percentage doesn’t understand what their leaders are up to? Are they so ignorant of history that they do not understand that socialism never, never works, and is doomed to failure while destroying the society where it was attempted. “They didn’t do it right” is the common response, but there is no “right” way. Freedom is messy, and you have to fight for it over and over as a new generation forgets how it turned out last time. Or how many Venezuelans have to starve to death before they begin to understand.

The Art of Political War And the Art of a Political Response by The Elephant's Child

Republicans prefer their presidential candidates to be experienced governors who are practiced at dealing with difficult legislatures, lots of state agencies and troublesome problems that pop up unexpectedly—so when they are elected they can move into the White House more or less knowing what they are doing.

Democrats prefer glamorous candidates that they can admire. They fell in love with FDR, Jack Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Obama. Republicans seldom go to that extreme, though they have liked some better than others.

We elected Donald Trump, who, having spent his life in a very liberal New York City, is not as intense a Republican, or perhaps only lately a Republican. Nevertheless, he saw something disturbingly wrong with the Obama administration’s America, and he wants to fix it —  hence the “Make America Great Again” baseball caps and the “draining the swamp rhetoric.” He hit a chord in vast numbers of angry American voters.

The White House and the presidential job were a bit startling to this Chief Executive Officer of his own empire, It’s far more intense than he had expected. Democrats in the Senate slow-walked every appointment that they could. Maxine Waters got in front of every available camera to insist on impeaching the president. Selecting the best person for each cabinet post means lots of interviews, lots of recommendations to sort through, and at 120 days he has finally completed the appointments.

I can sort of imagine the problems. He has his campaign staff with him, but many of the most important cabinet officers are still new to him. Each of them must start right in with a brand new office of old Washington hands, some willing, many unfriendly leftovers. Many of the appointments seem to be outstanding. Nikki Haley has hit the ground running at the UN. Some of the new people aren’t Republicans at all. Suspicions abound. Old familiar staff and family and new staff are sizing each other up and trying to decide if they can possibly work together.

Congress is moving at a slow crawl. The news media is hostile and trying to make a catastrophe out of every word by, about and from the President. The Democrats cannot accept the verdict of the American people and are trying to bring down this president. There are “Never Trumpers” among the Republicans. The Democrats really struck pay-dirt when they found the 5 year old tape of the presidential candidate  making “locker-room comments” about women attracted to celebrities. Someone remarked that it was a “class issue”, and because of that comment, the elites determined that he was lower class, and thereby beyond the pale. Uneeded complications.

Trump is meeting with a wide variety of our most repellent foreign leaders in coming days, at his invitation. I think he just wants to size them up himself, rather than just rely on what he is being told. Some are disturbed that he is willing to meet with these heads of state.

The new staff is still sorting itself out and not satisfactorily. Some will be replaced, which will lead to further attacks from the Democrats. Staff dissension will be sorted out, communication will improve, and progress will be made. Bite your tongue. Allow the White House time to sort out the newness,  they are under attack in an unexpected war. We’ve got an outstanding bunch of people there. Use your annoyance and anger to attack the left’s unrelenting venom.

Democrats are unaccustomed to any possibility that Republicans might actually respond. They remind us frequently that Mitch McConnell said early in Obama’s first term that his number one goal was to make sure that Obama was a one-term president, and how rude and crass a comment! That was apparently the whole of the Republican attack on the new Democrat president. Republicans are far too polite to really go on offense. They need your help. Hang in there. Praise the successes, and try not to criticize the flops too much. They need your encouragement, not  your criticism. It’s still very early on.



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