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What is Social Justice? Is There Any Such Thing? by The Elephant's Child

One wonders at the rise of enthusiasm for Socialism. Where does this come from?  Do people know nothing about the history of Socialism and how it works out? No understanding of the crisis of Venezuela? Or how the people there are literally starving in a country that was once the richest in South America?

Are they misled by talk of “social justice”? There is, by the way, no such thing. We humans are a quarrelsome lot, and you can’t overcome the difficulties of being a member of the human species easily. Democrats, with Bernie and Elizabeth Warren pushing socialism, seem to fail to recognize just where that path leads.

The human search for perfect social equality has gone on since the beginning of time. Do people actually rise in the morning hoping that might be the day when they are finally equal? Equal to what? Or Whom? I simply don’t buy it. Not everyone even wants to be rich. People want to care for their family, to have a good job that they like, at least part of the time. They want to have a nice home and be free of debt, and raise their children to be good citizens and succeed at whatever profession they choose. Some do want to be rich and some achieve it. But is it the overarching dream of many? I suspect not. People do want accomplishment, and success, and arriving at goals.

Democrats seem particularly driven by the idea of equality. They want to make everyone equal, and their policies move in that direction. They talk a lot about social justice, and more about the rich who do not deserve to be rich, and big corporations and their CEOs who do not deserve to be rich. I have wished for some things I do not have, that I cannot afford, as I’m sure you have as well. Did you get out of bed this morning yearning to be equal?  Didn’t think so.

Even for those who do want to be rich, and are working to create a business that they hope will succeed and make them richer, I suspect it is the succeed part that drives them, not the riches. Building a successful business is a worthy endeavor, and building it  is the scary and exciting part rather than the arrival at the finish.

So what is all this social justice? the social equality? Democrats’ push for equality sounds good in the abstract, but makes no sense whatsoever as a real goal. Think about that when those campaigning for an office ask for your vote. What they want is to be in charge, and have the opportunity to control your lives.

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I think I finally figured out why they co-opted ‘social justice’– same reason they hijacked charity.

It’s a threat.

Social Justice was a technical term from Catholic theology, related to designing social systems around making it easy to avoid sin– so stuff like laws protecting personal property, punishing false witness, protecting telling the truth when folks would rather you didn’t (which means you’ve got to have rules that protect saying most anything that can’t be shown false), making it as easy as possible to assume the best of others (which means removing in as much as possible the benefit from doing bad things, and when you can’t do that minimizing how much harm it can do others– prudence demands, for example, that folks be very suspicious in a communistic setup because everything highly involves everyone else, and payoff from cheating is so high), etc.

So they stole it and applied it to a perversion of justice that is specifically forbidden in the Bible (Exodus 23:2-3, Lev 19:15), just like they use “charity” to promote coveting and envy.

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Comment by Foxfier

I didn’t know that it derived from Catholic theology. Thank you!

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Comment by The Elephant's Child

I only found out from somebody trying to tell me I had to support it. 😀 Needless to day, that didn’t go over so well…

Got absorbed into “liberation theology” which seems to be one of the influences on modern “woke” junk.

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Comment by Foxfier

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