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Inflation Worries, War Worries, Ukraine Worries by The Elephant's Child
March 3, 2022, 9:24 pm
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Here’s Victor Davis Hanson on “The Biden Inflation Octopus” Do read the whole thing.

As he says “It doesn’t matter whether Biden was deluded or diabolical. Come November, Americans will rightfully blame him for willfully damaging their lives.” That’s true. Inflation is a very big deal, not just the price of gas, which is visibly hurting everyone who drives, but inflation is upon us. Prices are going up on everything, and there are not enough cute “I did that” stickers to cover it all.

The Biden administration is, as he says, in denial of inflation. They choose to think of inflation as “corporate greed”, companies raise their prices just take more money from the innocent people, not because their own costs have increased, but just because they are greedy. That lets them off the hook for their own reckless spending, and places the blame squarely on corporate leaders who clearly make entirely too much money when we hear what their salaries are! Except we don’t often consider what their responsibilities are nor how many people they have to support with a thriving business. It is all rather complicated.

We have climbing deaths from drug use, seems like increasing numbers of murders, and at the same time talk of defunding the police, or police brutality., or for that matter more policemen killed in the “line of duty.” We switch back and forth on whether we honor and respect the police or don’t, depending on whose ox is getting gores, as the old saying goes. Joe Biden made a point of essentially inviting Central America to come on in, and illegals have been crossing the border to take advantage of that, in droves. I think Mr. Biden just had in mind increasing the Democrat vote in swing districts, but it has meant more chaos at the border, and confusion about what to do about it. President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico”, and “the wall” have been determined to be mean, and the more the merrier, even if you have to fly them from Texas to rural Pennsylvania at night, or whatever it is that is going on there. Early notes on how the Afghanistan refugees are settling in are not encouraging. Moslem laws about sex with little girls are apparently rather different from our own expectations. Our Border Patrol people do a difficult and dangerous job, and need our appreciation and encouragement.

President Biden’s poll numbers continue to decline, and if inflation continues to climb, the next election should be somewhat different. We’ll see. Hillary was their substitute if necessary, but the exposure of her attempts to blame President Trump for anything Russian have been exposed, and her spies in the White House as well, so she is probably done. It’s a strange time and who could have dreamed that we would be worrying about war with Russia again.

we switch back and forth

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