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It’s Always About Power. Who Gets it, Who Doesn’t by The Elephant's Child
April 22, 2022, 12:02 am
Filed under: Politics

Joe Biden has said he plans to run again, so i guess he is pleased with his accomplishments. but I don’t know quite what they are. I think in terms of the three “i’s”: Immigration, Inflation, Incompetence. So we are not talking about the same things at all. Clearly, President Biden has welcomed illegal immigration, inviting Central America in, opening the borders, I welcome legal immigrants who come here the legal way. It’s not difficult. One applies at the nearest consulate or embassy, and waits their turn to be admitted. Takes a little more time, but avoids a lot of unpleasant illegal trouble.

Unsurprisingly, I have some objections to unaccompanied children, People with criminal records in their own countries,, massive importations of fentanyl from the Mexican Drug Cartels, unaccompanied children destined for the sex trade. I have not noticed that we have big problems with jobs that can’t be filled, The homeless encampments in our major cities don’t seem to indicate lots of empty jobs that can’t find workers. Texas gets the brunt of illegal immigration because one side of the state borders Mexico, and the Rio Grande river. The photographs of mounted border patrol agents corralling illegals trying to sneak across the border drew great outcry from those unfamiliar with horses, as they assumed the reins were being used to whip the poor illegals, but that has been fully cleared up. Perfectly innocent and proper.

What I don’t get is why. Why invite an invasion of illegals? Why open the borders? It is a President’s duty to protect the country from just such a massive invasion, yet President Biden is bringing home “refugees” from Afghanistan, from other troubled countries, Have we sent a special invitation to Ukrainians? Are they all expected to be Democrat voters? I think it’s bodies. If you have more people in a district, you get more representation in Congress, and thus more power. It’s always all about power.

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