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Carbon Dioxide, Misunderstood Completely! by The Elephant's Child
July 15, 2022, 8:03 pm
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In Holland, the farmers are demonstrating, taking to the roads and highways in their big farm equipment. The Netherlands is a major farming country, as I have been told, and very productive, and the farmers don’t like all the interference with their use of fertilizer and gasoline. Takes a farmer a long time to get the equipment he wants and needs, and develop just the right quantity and mix of fertilizers and pesticides, and a great deal of what is going on seems, I’m sure, to be a bunch of people who don’t know diddle-squat about farming or growing food crops trying to tell them how to grow their crops and bring them to market. Which is probably precisely the case.

Strange things happening in the world. Russia has for whatever reason invaded Ukraine. Ukraine is, literally, the breadbasket of Europe because of their bountiful wheat crops. The Russian invasion has messed up the Ukrainian wheat crops that were exported to the world.

Since the advent of computers and programs, we’ve had a lot of people who are very good at computer programs trying to tell people who are skilled in other directions what to do, because they devised a computer program. There’s a lot of that going on, and it’s causing major problems.You have probably noticed that suddenly there are all sorts of “emergency food supplies” available online, to tide you over the great famine or whatever dramatic starvation period they have in mind. Well, we are Americans and entrepreneurs, and when we see an opportunity to cash in, we drum up what seems to be a new bread ticket. How many emergency food supply offers have you seen today? A little of that and people start getting nervous, and there you go.

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