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Are You Feeling A Need to Protect Yourself? by The Elephant's Child
July 21, 2022, 7:46 pm
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Received a letter in yesterday’s mail. Very neat script apparently in ink, (also apparently computer generated script intended to “look handwritten”). Apparently a real estate agent trying to drum up residents for a meeting at one of our more prestigious hotels. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting very annoyed at computer attempts to fool me into action that I would not choose to take. Lots of “apparently”s there. But it is a new kind of assault and requires a different kind of protective action.

And that seems to be the essence of it. I’m feeling today that I have to constantly take protective actions, and that’s new, and more than annoying. Is that just me or is that most everybody?

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The conveniences of electronic transactions, internet and email, and other techno-whiz-bang things are just as productivity enhancing for scammers and grifters as they are for the rest of us. Maybe more so since they allow an awful lot of anonymity.

It forces me to block, ignore, and toss anything that I don’t recognize as something I initiated or know the source of. I don’t answer phone calls I don’t recognize. I delete 90% of the emails I get without opening them. I toss most mail unopened.

And I have a small virtual footprint. No social media.


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