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The Clintons Released Their Tax Returns, and They Are Very Interesting by The Elephant's Child

<> on April 25, 2013 in Dallas, Texas.

Hillary and Bill Clinton released their tax returns on Friday, in what was seen by many as an attempt to force Donald Trump to release his. He says he is being audited by the IRS and can’t release his returns until they’re done. It’s a time for back and forth accusations.

The Clintons, who Hillary claimed left the White House dead broke, tax returns show that the couple earned $10,745,378 last year, mostly on income from giving public speeches. $10 million worth of speeches?  Really?

Of that amount, they donated $1,042,000 to charity, which got them a nice big deduction, although all the contribution went to the Clinton Family Foundation — which they control and which acts as their family piggy bank.  The Clinton Family Foundation is separate from the Clinton Foundation which has been at the center of claims of donations from countries with records of human rights abuses. Most of the criticism is directed at the wealthy donors to the “non-profit” who then received favors from the Secretary’s State Department.

President Obama’s Justice Department according to CNN, declined a request to investigate the Clinton Foundation from the FBI,though other sources say this is not true..The Foundation may still be under federal investigation. Preet Bharara, the U.S, Attorney for the southern district of New York,  is conducting a joint investigation with the FBI out of his office.

As more emails are released, it becomes clear that big donations to the Clinton Foundation resulted in job offers, favors for the donor, and big pay for a speech from Bill got favors from the U.S, State Department. Hillary is getting a lot of support from big business and the tech industry — apparently because they know she can be bought.

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Now, now, to be fair, not all of their charitable contributions went to the Clinton Foundation, merely 96%.

The remaining 4% went to a charity golf tournament. Which is sponsored and run by the Clinton Foundation (I guess they felt the need to break it up like that so people wouldn’t accuse them of being COMPLETELY without ethics, and so they could claim they gave money to someone NOT named Clinton).


Comment by Lon Mead

I’ve missed you Lon. Your unique comments always cheer me up! I am at the moment listening to Hillary’s Warren, Michigan economic speech. It is painful, but powerful. She’s going to do everything for everybody — free college. free trade schools, never mind that the cost would bankrupt the country. The woman is an economic ignoramus. It requires a smatter of economic intelligence to grasp just how stupid her proposals are. Well and powerfully written and appealing to the listeners, pandering to all, attacking Trump. Paid family leave, raising the minimum wage — which (oh?) makes the economy grow. If you have the stomach for it, it’s worth listening to to see what we’re up against. How such a load of crap can be uttered by a candidate beggars belief, even one who is as practiced a liar as Hillary. And oh yes, repeal Citizen’s United.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

“Clinton Family Foundation” should always be report as “Clinton Crime Family Foundation.”


Comment by Matthew W

A day that brings a smile is a day not wasted!


Comment by Lon Mead

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