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Behind the Scenes of the Clinton Campaign, Leaving Nothing to Chance. by The Elephant's Child

Every time you think this campaign season can’t possibly get any weirder—it does. Today James O’Keefe and Project Veritas Action released a first video revealing that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee are taking credit for instigating violence at several Republican events (think starting a riot) during the 2016 election cycle.

They call it  “bird dogging”—they plan confrontations in advance, choose the individuals to provoke, and work to maximize media coverage from a compliant media. They are staging very authentic grassroots protests right in Republican faces at their own events. It’s all coordinated with the Clinton campaign, but they make sure there is “plausible deniability” for the campaign. It’s all very complicated. These people are”consultants” in unofficial roles to avoid violating the law by coordinating directly.

The object, of course, is to create the “desired perception” that Trump is dangerous and divisive, undermines American values and makes our national security questionable. Trump supporters have frequently been attacked by left-wing mobs. Apparently much of it is staged to create negative impressions about the Trump candidacy, and rig the election.The tactic often uses more vulnerable people, the elderly or disabled, to create more shock value. These are not nice people, but they are quite serious.

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If the Clintons “leave nothing nothing to chance,” and they corrupted the Democrat primary process in order to ensure a victory over Bernie Sanders, are they willing to push vote fraud in order to ensure a victory in the general election?


Comment by ScienceABC123

Unfortunately, vote fraud is how Democrats win elections. Why do you think they fight so hard to keep a photo ID policy from becoming law everywhere. Photo ID is required to enter the Justice building, to get on an airplane, to go to the doctor and to open a bank account — but having to show a photo ID in order to vote is “racist”? The Democracy Alliance, the secret millionaire and billionaire organization that influences elections with big money a few years ago initiated their “Secretary of State” program intending to elect Democrats as Secretary of State in all the states. Why? Secretaries of State control the voting process, who can vote, how they vote, how many dead people can vote, how many people in more than one venue, and how many illegals can vote. I don’t know how that one turned out, nor whether it continues. Surely you remember what a hard time our military people had getting their votes in on time when they were voting from overseas. Our recent governor here in Washington State, Christine Gregoire, was only elected on the third count after they found some extra ballots in a back room in election headquarters. All their tricks don’t always work, sometimes they get caught, but they leave nothing to chance.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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