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Seattle Snow, Continued… by The Elephant's Child
January 3, 2022, 8:13 pm
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The snow is gone. There was never very much of it, just enough to make the hills risky to drive. but it has been raining lightly much of the day, and the snow is visibly gone. Whether the ice is off the hills is another question. The “main drag”, down at the bottom of the hill , seems busy again, and sirens are back, with normal traffic. As someone brought up in rural Idaho mountains, where dealing with major snowfall of several feet was just normal winter, I remain fascinated with cities inability to cope with minor amounts of snow. I really don’t know how a significant snowfall is handled in the country’s northern cities. If the Seattle area is an example —not very well, but I expect that is not true. It’s all too “iffy” here because it happens seldom,

Had some hail today, which made everything white again, briefly, but quickly melted off. I am assuming that everything is pretty much back to normal, but haven’t been out, nor asked for a delivery, so we’ll see.

I assume that northern cities where snow is normal in winter handle it easily and efficiently, but I haven’t seen any mention of it, which I take as verification. It’s places like this where snow is NOT usual that everybody panics. My son the skier was over to pick up our prescriptions, as he’s prepared to head for the slopes at a moment’s notice. Checked in with the garbage company to see if we’d have our regular pickup day, and tentatively yes, but we’ll see. If there is any more snow, all bets are off.

If you live in an area unaccustomed to snow, and got a bunch, do comment!

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