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Don’t Buy Into the “January 6 Capitol Invasion Nonsense” by The Elephant's Child
January 6, 2022, 5:27 pm
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On January 6, last year, some protesters in the plaza outside the Capitol Building were invited in by the Capitol Police. I have no idea why the Police invited them in, but that was the case. From film of the event and news reports at the time, the protesters walked peacefully through the Capitol building, simply looking at the building and obeying the velvet ropes that told them where they could go.

As time and events have moved on, the story of what happened on January 6 has changed dramatically. Democrats are stuck with an increasingly unpopular president (and vice president0. Popular stickers claiming “I did that” are appearing on gas pumps around the country, as people are shocked at the increasing cost of filling up their gas tanks). For some, it just means that they drive less, but for many who have to drive to get to work or to get groceries, it is a major attack on the family budget. It’s called “inflation” but it is actually quite preventable.

Remember this simple fact. Copy it down and paste it on the mirror. “The federal government has no money of its own. Every cent comes out of your wallet, purse, or bank account. Those in charge want to celebrate their spending, by insisting that they are doing something wonderful for you, but it is not often worth the extra cost. If they manage to do something that actually improves your life and is actually worth the extra cost, it is an unusual event and should be celebrated., but you might want to write it all down and see if the “worth” part actually holds up.

Congresspeople like to give “gifts” to their constituents to prove that electing them was a good idea. That’s simple human nature. But deciding whether what they decided to do is actually good for us, or good for the country is up to us to take seriously. We’ve got a long list of Congresspeople who have been there for years and accomplished not much of anything. Do we send them back once again? or turn them in on a new model? It might be nice if they were required to take a test proving that they understand what causes inflation, what causes recessions, that sort of thing. I have long suspected that a good many of them have no idea.

The January 6 “violent invasion” of the Capitol Building and attack on our government, was nothing of the sort and is simply a Democrat ploy to deal with an unpopular president determined to run for another term, and his useless vice president as well. The “violent invasion” bit is just a Democrat attempt to divert attention from Joe Biden’s actual accomplishments in office, and make him a viable candidate again.

Interestingly, I have seen several articles today that suggest that perhaps Congresspeople should not be allowed to trade stocks. The suggestion is of course that actions of Congress may have some times, a dramatic effect on the stock market. Joe Biden was well known for helping family and friends to prosper from his government service, as does Nancy Pelosi’s husband. Human nature and perhaps inevitable, but congresspeople should be making an extra effort to insure that their government service is aboveboard and free of corruption. We try hard to elect candidates with high morals and evidence of honesty and truthfulness, but we are all human.

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Honestly, you really have had to drunk the koolaide to believe 1/6/21 was an insurrection.

A guy wearing face paint sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s chair wearing fur covered horned helmet was an attempted take over of the US Government? Is this a Saturday Night Live skit? This is on the level of Monty Python.

What insurrection was ever accomplished without weapons?

As a note to all websites addressing the 1/6 subject, the partisan Dem narrative needs to be treated with the seriousness it deserves. Any article posted on this subject MUST include the picture of horn man sitting at Nancy Pelosi’s desk and must contain a disclaimer of the FBI admitting NO ONE possessed a gun at the Capitol Complex.


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