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A Joke in Search of a Punchline… by American Elephant
May 23, 2012, 8:02 pm
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I decided it’d be brilliant to mock Obama’s incessant use of straw men in the form of a campaign ad; unfortunately the brilliant punchline escapes me. So, I turn to our brilliant readers.

Ideally, I’d love to mock an actual Obama quote, campaign slogan, or soundbite — like this one — but it doesn’t have to; blurt out whatever comes to mind! It’s a brainstorm, not a test.

The best caption will win absolutely nothing of course — except credit, thanks, and a tiny modicum of eternal glory!

Have at it in the comments!…

Addendum: Someone on Twitter asked me what I meant by ‘straw men’.  Good question! A ‘straw man’ is a type of fallacious argument that Obama uses very frequently. A ‘straw man’ argument  misrepresents or outright lies about  an opponent’s position (setting up the straw man), so that the person (Obama in this case) can easily knock it down. (Here’s the Wiki explanation).

Example: “My opponents want to make the poor and needy fend for themselves, but I think we can do better! My plan would make it possible for everyone to get affordable health care.” Obama sets up his straw man (a blatant lie about the Republican position), so that he can knock the straw man down. He does it virtually every day.

My only thoughts for captions so far were: “My opponents say…” (with Obama’s signature and the two pictured straw men). Or simply: ‘Setting ’em up & knocking ’em down”.

Hope that helps!

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Caption: “2012: Hope & Change in the Hearland where FREE Contraception & Voter IDs are King!”


Comment by Gwendolyn

One spark a way from disaster.


Comment by Heather

Good news Beau. The President thinks we should be able to marry! Really Sean? Yay!!!


Comment by Talon's Point

Did you hear Sandra? The President is going to give us free birth control! That’s awesome Julia, I’ve been rolling in the hay unprotected for too long!!


Comment by Talon's Point

Reblogged this on Talon's Point and commented:
This should be fun.


Comment by Talon's Point

Fair shot? He’s setting us up just to burn us down.


Comment by theGrudgeRetort

Strawmen For Obama:
You’ve had our back for 4 years, now we have yours.


Comment by Chris Of Rights (@ChrisOfRights)

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