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Three Experts on What to Expect! by The Elephant's Child
May 2, 2021, 7:11 pm
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Here’s a fascinating discussion with Victor Davis Hanson, Conrad Black and Bill Bennett, talking about the economy, where we are and what is happening. Not what you are reading in the news, but what is actually going on out there.

It’s about half an hour long, but worth every minute. Inflation, Biden, Debt, college admissions, a little shocking and disturbing. But we are better off knowing more about what to expect, aren’t we? When do we get the American people angry enough to talk back to their representatives in Washington DC and tell them that they are not happy with the progressive plans of President Biden, or don’t you mind major inflation?

It’s already noticeable in the rising price of gasoline, but also becoming noticeable at the grocery store. And the cost of a sheet of plywood is going through the roof!. Which means rising home prices and remodeling costs, and eventually everything else. With a lot of governors raising taxes, it’s going to get very interesting out there.

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