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Worst Monthly Jobs Report in History! by The Elephant's Child
September 3, 2021, 8:52 pm
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President Joe Biden’s economy created just 235,000 jobs in August, reportedly the worst monthly jobs report in history. The median Econoday forecast of analysts was for 740,000 jobs and an unemployment rate of 5.2 percent. That is a very big difference. The note of caution from the article points out that the estimate came from a mid-month work week that had a much lower rate of new infections.

Bars and restaurants shed 42,000 jobs, leisure and hospitality which had been regularly increasing did not grow at all, and retail contracted losing 29,000 jobs. Is the suggestion that people are staying home because of the virus? I don’t know. Joe Biden proposed more taxes as a solution, to offer more entitlements such as free elderly care, free childcare, free preschool and free college. “Entitlements” means higher taxes on those who are working. Generous unemployment benefits have apparently kept many people from applying for available job openings.

Biden said the vast majority of Americans are struggling just to hang on, but the number of billionaires is growing. Very odd commentary. Something missing in his understanding of the American economy.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that we have to act on Climate Change after Ida flooded New York City, mistakenly blaming “climate change” for hurricanes, which is not the way it works. Our climate is controlled by the action of our sun, and there’s not anything you can do about it. Carbon Dioxide is not a poison altering our climate, but plant food, a natural fertilizer that is making crops all over the world more bountiful. Even Afghanistan has had record crops.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is raising money for a border wall where the vast majority of “migrant’s” attempt to cross. His fund garnered $53 million in one month, which suggests that Texans are not happy with the inflow of illegal aliens. You will notice my use of the politically-correct term “migrants” rather than illegal aliens. I think we get misled way too often by having to use the “politically correct” words. “Migrants” from Central America believe they can find employment in the United States that brings them a significantly better income than what they can get in their own country, which is undoubtedly true. Combine that belief with Joe Biden’s open borders, which seem to play a role in looking for more Democrat voters.

,,It’s very hard to know what the influence of Covid has been. How it applies to the jobs market. Some Businesses are demanding vaccinations, some people are rebelling at being ordered to get a vaccination, believing it to be a violation of their personal freedoms. All my doctors’ offices require masks, but other places do not. It is, at best, confusing. Claims of when we need “booster shots” also seem to be all over the place, depending on whether you are listening to Dr. Fauci or someone else. Which probably indicates that nobody knows. It is true that Covid has proved to be a worldwide epidemic, and we are learning as we go along, and of course making mistakes as well as turning out effective vaccines. Older people seem to be more susceptible.

Just what the situation will be for the schools seems to be all over the map. Some places are demanding masks for teachers and kids, some are not, depending on vaccination. I think it’s San Francisco that is paying people not to shoot other people.

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