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Christmas is Almost Here! Are You Ready? by The Elephant's Child
December 18, 2022, 2:47 pm
Filed under: Politics

Two O’Clock in the afternoon here in a Seattle suburb. Cloudy skies with lots of patches of blue. More clouds than blue. Far off to the South there is a twinkling light. Apparently just in my head, as it isn’t moving as if it were an airplane. I’ve had that going on for a few days. Need new glasses? No idea, but it’s odd. Nothing off in that direction that should be twinkling. No radio towers. I don’t remember ever before experiencing twinkling lights way off in the distance. Need an appointment with my ophthalmologist, I guess, or a psychiatrist? The clouds are getting grayer, and the amount of visible blue is decreasing. Probably rain later. This is, after all, a Seattle suburb. It rains here.

Not much traffic on the main drag at the bottom of my hill. Everybody’s staying home wrapping their presents or ordering, writing last minute Christmas cards. Sirens off in the distance, a fire or an ambulance, or simply the police. Ordinary life doesn’t stop just because it’s Christmas. I wonder if shoplifting or petty theft increase because of Christmas, or decrease. Do petty-thieves steal their presents, or is that a different department? Are the police busier in the days before Christmas, or not at all?

A squirrel dropped by yesterday, but I hadn’t put anything out for squirrels. I was surprised to notice this morning. online, that squirrels used to be popular pets. I didn’t know that. I have never known anyone who had a squirrel for a pet, have you? I don’t mean casually leaving some food out for them, but having them live in the house. I will not be inviting our squirrels in.

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