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Questioning the Unknown by The Elephant's Child
January 20, 2023, 9:39 pm
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There are common sayings about folks who seem to get all hyped up about unimportant things for unknown reasons. For example, the climate of the Earth is controlled by the action of our sun. And the sun seems to be just fine up there, rising in the morning and sinking beneath the Western mountains at night. Sometimes folks get all excited about what seems to be normal and common for no reason whatsoever. Like the sun goes down one night and somebody starts wondering about what if it didn’t come up in the morning.Well, we wouldn’t last long, but why are you questioning that ? What if the air suddenly expelled all its oxygen and we all died from not being able to breathe? What if the sun decided to shut down, and just not shine any more. Well, clearly, we’re done and that’s the end of it all. Is there some reason you assume the sun might shut down?

It’s easy to catastrophise and decide that something really really terrible might happen, but I don’t know what good it does nor what we could do about it anyway. So we usually don’t worry about really major stuff like the sun turning off or the planet blowing up. or even about an invasion from another planet. If you chose to think up some big things to worry about, you could probably find some. Probably more worthwhile to worry about President Biden’s leaving classified documents in incorrect places or why he seems to be encouraging illegal immigration. We do have strong laws about how to come here and become an American citizen, and it’s not hard to follow them. Lots of people have come here according to law, applied for citizenship and become citizens. Takes a little longer to follow the rules, but it works. Why a President of the United States would want to encourage illegals to cross the border, is a good question. There seems to be a very long history of just how this world was created and populated, and how the world was populated from very small numbers of early humans.

There’s so much we don’t know. There are lots of other planets out there, do they have inhabitants? Are their inhabitants like us, what we call people? We have never contacted people on another planet. If you start thinking about what we do not know, we don’t even begin to understand what we mean by not knowing. Is Space just what we can see with our best telescopes or does it go on forever and ever.

Why are we here? Are we alone or just a speck in an enormous unending universe that we haven’t really even begun to understand? Are we the only speck of humanity and set here to discover the enormous universe, or do we really have all sorts of neighbors just out there a little further. I’m getting way too far into the unknown department.

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Remember when General Petraeus, CIA Director pled guilty for mishandling of classified material?

“Prosecutors said that while Broadwell was writing her book, Petraeus gave her binders of classified material containing, among other information, his daily schedule and notes about his discussions with President Obama.

Those binders, known was “black books,” were seized by the FBI in a search of Petraeus’ home. Petraeus lied to FBI agents about providing them to Broadwell and said he never gave her classified material, according to court documents…

…The former general retained the black books in his home even after he left the Defense Department. In 2011, he delivered them to a home in Washington where Broadwell was staying, according to court papers.

Petraeus left the books with her so she could use them as source material for the biography on him that she published in 2012, prosecutors said. Days later, Petraeus brought the books back to his home in Arlington, Virginia.”

The precedence has been set for holding people accountable even by the DOJ and FBI. What did Biden do differently than Petraeus?

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Comment by dscott8186

I’d forgotten about that one! Thanks

I’d forgotten about that one! Thanks!!



Comment by The Elephant's Child

“Biden reportedly used the Washington, D.C.-based center as his main D.C. office for much of the time between the end of his vice presidency in 2017 and his presidential run in 2020. From 2017 to 2019, Biden received approximately $900,000 in salary for a Penn professorship that did not require him to teach regular classes. ”

Now you understand why the Chinese were giving millions to UPENN, UPENN was generously sharing the wealth. What did UPENN do to merit millions and what did Biden actually do to “earn” a salary that was twice the pay of a POTUS? Why is Merrick Garland avoiding the obvious implications of the financial arrangements?

Bigger question, why would you take on a lesser paying job with endless headaches when you could live like a king?


Comment by dscott8186

More information has come to light. Biden did not self report, the IG for NARA caught him! And as I speculated, Biden’s documents were discovered BEFORE November… This looks more and more like a moral equivalence operation to keep Biden out of prison by drawing Trump in to muddy the waters.

“…But NARA disclosed this immediately to law enforcement — right? That would make this a full disclosure by proxy, if so. Unfortunately for the prevailing narrative, that isn’t quite true either; the archivists didn’t immediately contact the DoJ on November 2, as they should have. Law enforcement didn’t get notified until November 4, and not from the normal chain of command at NARA either. Instead, the Inspector General for NARA noticed the activity and dug into what was going on between Biden and the archivists:

NARA, like most executive agencies, has an IG’s office to keep it on the straight and narrow, including by internally investigating wrongdoing and reporting it to Congress. The IG plainly realized that the inclusion of classified materials in government records returned to NARA from a non-secure location raised the possibility of criminal misconduct, and thus had to be reported to the Justice Department — just as the archives reported potential classified-information violations to Main Justice in early 2022, when former president Donald Trump returned 15 boxes of presidential records that had been retained at Mar-a-Lago and in which the archives discovered documents bearing classification markings.

Had it not been for the IG’s notification, it is doubtful that Biden’s illegal retention of classified information would have been reported to the Justice Department at all. And there is every reason to believe the public would never have been told.”


Comment by dscott8186

Which now begs the question:

Are there more classified documents at the University of Delaware that Biden has under seal?

Merrick Garland has more than ample probable cause for a warrant for the FBI to do a search of those materials from his Senate days. In fact, not doing so implicates him in a cover up or at minimum gross incompetence, i.e. dereliction of duty.


Comment by dscott8186

Apparently, the GOP is on target:

” According to the University of Delaware website’s page on access to the files, “President Biden donated his Senatorial papers to the University of Delaware pursuant to an agreement that prohibits the University from providing public access to those papers until they have been properly processed and archived.”

“The University is bound by, and will comply with, the agreement,” the website reads. “Until the archival process is complete and the collection is opened to the public, access is only available with President Biden’s express consent.”

The website says that more “than 1,850 boxes of archival records from the President’s Senate career arrived at the Library on June 6, 2012″ — near the end of Biden’s first term in office as vice president — and that the collection, which also includes extensive electronic records and media, will remain closed pending completion of processing.” ”

Out of 1,850 boxes what are the chances there are classified docs in just one of those boxes???

The impeachment of Merrick Garland should be on the table for the inexcusable failure to perform his duties.


Comment by dscott8186

What is unknown is also what is unrecognized or covered up:

Historical inflation rates

When Biden says inflation is moderating or coming down pointing to 6.5% for December, we should recognize this soft pedaling for what it is, deception. Inflation rates are year over year. That 6.5% (2022) is on top of the 7.0% (2021) the previous year for an actual total of 13.5% during his reign of incompetence.

Why is it incompetence? Look at 4 years of Trump’s time, inflation was low, full time employment was historic until the pandemic and afterwards even with supply chain issues (remember the great toilet paper shortage) it still stayed low.

FYI- that supposedly great employment # is mostly part time positions, not full time.


Comment by dscott8186

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