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A new report shows that one out of every four overseas military ballots goes uncounted:

It said that of 441,000 absentee ballots requested by eligible voters living abroad – mainly active-duty and reserve troops – more than 98,000 were “lost” ballots that were mailed out but never received by election officials. Taking into account 13,500 ballots that were rejected for such reasons as a missing signature or failure to notarize, one-quarter of those requesting a ballot were disenfranchised.

The study found that an additional 11,000 ballots were returned as undeliverable. [more]

But never fear! The same Democrats that regularly work to prevent military ballots from being counted are all over it!

Sen. Charles Schumer, chairman of the Senate Rules and Administration Committee, said the study, while providing only a snapshot of voting patterns, “is enough to show that the balloting process for service members is clearly in need of an overhaul.”

By this time next year, with hard work, the Schmuckster hopes Democrats can disenfranchise at least 85% of all military ballots!

Lord help us!

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Do you wonder, as I do, who really won the election? The polls indicated that most members of the overseas military supported John McCain.


Comment by Franciene McDonald

How can we help Sen. Norm Coleman now with this information?

My biggest fear is that voter fraud will keep on skewing our electoral process and that this dictatorship deepens and gets stronger.

How come this isn’t this being fought in the courts? We have a bunch of treasonous crooks running the country now.


Comment by Gail Tenzer


I don’t really wonder who won the election. It was a large enough victory that I think Obama is probably the legitimate winner. But do I believe that Democrats cheated, as they always do? Absolutely. I believe they cheated more than ever before. I am confident Obama got enormous amounts of illegal campaign contributions. I am confident that George Soros spent millions of dollars illegally. I am confident ACORN and the unions worked very hard to provide Democrats with enough phony voter registrations that if the election had been a close victory for John McCain, they could have stolen it.


I hope you understood that my last comment about Schumer wanting to block 85% was somewhat facetious. Yes, he is a lying crook, and yes he would love to block as many military votes as possible, but he would never say so in public.

Some of it is being fought in the courts. ACORN has continued to be prosecuted for all the wrongdoing that has been caught. George Soros has been fined by the Federal Election Committee. (Fines that mean nothing to him)

If we want to clean up elections, we have to be in power. We can work on election reform in those states where we still hold power, but we must work to elect Republicans where we do not. That means getting involved if you are not.

Simply put, liberals won because more of them were motivated to get involved to elect their candidates than we were ours.

If we want to win, we have to flip those numbers.


Comment by American Elephant

I have given you a Kreativ Bloggers Award.

You creatively defend conservative ideals. Your posts on global warming are particularly creative.


Comment by renaissanceguy

Thank you very much RG! We appreciate it. I’m so sorry I didn’t see this comment until now. I wish I had seen it at the time.


Comment by American Elephant

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