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Maybe BP *SHOULD* Listen to James Cameron by American Elephant

People forget that in addition to Avatar and Titanic, Cameron also directed (warning: f-bomb ahead)…

..which is, after all, as reader Mookie reminds us, more or less how the Russians stopped their spills in the past…. “Only way to be sure.”

But something tells me the director of The Smurfs’ Adventures in Fern Gully didn’t have nukes in mind. And BP pretty much laughed him off anyway. Pity.

Good Morning, Sleepyheads by American Elephant
June 4, 2010, 6:04 am
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The British Invasion continues with some happy morning music from one of my favorite British rock bands, the Housemartins, and “Five Get Over Excited”. If you’reĀ  not familiar with the Housemartins, you may know the bassist who later become even more well known as Fatboy Slim, probably one of the most influential artists of the last decade.

In this video, the group makes light of their change of membership as the new drummer kidnaps the old, sneaking into the band in his place.

Best enjoyed loud.

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