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Desperate Democrats Cheating from Coast to Coast by American Elephant

From massive registration fraud, to disenfranchising military votes, to backing spoiler candidates and more, Democrats are pulling every dirty trick they can think of to hold on to as many seats as possible. And these are just the stories we know about. Vote fraud is inherently difficult to catch, so if we are hearing about this many cases already, you can bet there is a great deal more fraud going undiscovered.

This is why we all need to volunteer to help get out the Republican vote. It’s very simple: we need to get SO many Republicans out to vote, that there simply aren’t any close elections. It’s the close elections that Democrats try to steal. Just ask George Bush, Dino Rossi or Norm Coleman. We can’t just win, we have to win by more than the margin of fraud.

You can volunteer to help your Republican candidate, or (if your local race isn’t competitive) OTHER vulnerable Republican candidates by going here, or by calling your local GOP.  Volunteering is extremely easy. They give you a script, and tell you everything you need to do. Most campaigns are looking for people to call Republican voters and remind them to get their ballots in, go door to door at houses they have pegged as likely Republican leaners to ask if they plan to vote, and they are looking for people to poll watch on election day to prevent/record/and object to Democrat cheating.

A HUGE hat tip to Michelle Malkin, Gateway Pundit, and Hot Air for finding the vast majority of these stories. I just wanted to put them all together in one place. I will try to update this post as new stories come in. Be sure to send us tips if you see stories that aren’t reported here.




  • SEIU and Mi Familia Vota caught in attempt to turn in 6,000 fraudulent voter registrations.



  • Illegal aliens canvassing across state  for Patty Murray and Democrats . (ACORN was previously convicted in Washington for committing the worst case of registration fraud in state history. And heavily Democrat King County has been a regular source of corrupt shenanigans from disenfranchising military ballots, to disenfranchising voters in Republican leaning districts, to “finding” hundreds of previously uncounted and in some cases unsecured ballots to steal the gubernatorial race from Dino Rossi after he won the first two counts.)

New York:







North Carolina:


New Jersey:


Update: Pajamas Media has started a Vote Fraud Watch with a primer by an election law expert on what to watch for.

You Need a New Analogy, Mr. President! by The Elephant's Child

President Obama loves his analogy of the previous administration “driving the car into the ditch.”  He repeats it ad nauseum at every opportunity.  But since January 20, 2009, it has been his car to drive.  Lately he has embellished the analogy by indicating that “the Republicans have to sit in the back.” Nice.

So let’s take it a little further.  Obama is the licensed driver, and the Republicans are in the back seat.  But Obama is driving recklessly, taking left turns against the yellow light, going too fast.  Those of us in the back seat are nervous, asking him to slow down, to be more careful, but he goes careening on.

Now we are frightened, he’s weaving all over the road, we beg him again to slow down, consider what he is doing.  We cite statistics of the dangers to our health from his reckless driving, warn of difficult curves in the road ahead, all to no avail.  There’s wet pavement ahead, glistening with an oil slick — he may lose control.   But he will not listen.

He knows better what speeds the car is capable of.  Never mind the speed limit signs, the yellow lights flashing, and now there’s a siren.  Finally, he’ll have to stop.  He is endangering us all.  The people are waving their arms trying desperately to catch his attention, screaming.  Patrol cars are right on our tail.  We cling together, bracing ourselves for the crash.  If we survive this — he will surely have to pay, and pay, and pay.

More Instructions From Your Government and Mine. by The Elephant's Child

This handsome illustration represents the food pyramid, but it’s the old, outdated food pyramid which you are not supposed to follow anymore.  I have never known anyone who paid any attention whatsoever to the food pyramid, except bureaucrats arguing about what children should be allowed to eat.  Michelle Obama has now joined that group and is busily telling you what your children should eat, and imposing her ideas on the school lunch program, and presumably the school breakfast and dinner program as well. She even brought her personal chef along from Chicago to help out.

Mrs. Obama is enthusiastic about organic food and everyone growing their own little  garden of fresh vegetables.  There is a small French restaurant right next to the place where I get my hair cut, and the proprietor has, in tiny spaces between the paving and in pots, all sorts of fresh herbs growing, though the rosemary has come to dominate everything else, and the figs seem to ripen far too late to ever be eaten. It is, however, a valiant attempt.

Everyone is terribly concerned about childhood obesity.  Australia succumbed to that fad for a while, but realized that it was only a fad, unsupported by science, and dumped the program.

It looks as if childhood obesity in this country is also one of those long-lived fads.  Schools have been measuring children’s Body Mass Index (BMI) and concluding on that basis who is or is not obese. But BMI is not a health measure, was never intended to be a diagnostic tool, and children with BMIs over the arbitrary cut-offs do not necessarily have clinical complications or health risks.  The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) concluded that there is no quality evidence to support that childhood “overweight” or “obesity” is related to health outcomes.

Healthy eating programs to prevent obesity or disease focused on increased fruits and vegetables, or on diets low in fats, sugars or calories for children are not supported.  Nutrition related health problems come from deficiencies brought on by dietary restrictions, overemphasizing certain foods to the exclusion of others, and undereating, not from enjoying all foods and normal eating.

Part of what brought on this subject is that the Institute of Medicine, the health arm of the National Academy of Sciences recommended that the U.S. Department of Agriculture stop participants of the federal Women, Infants and Children program (WIC) from buying potatoes with federal dollars.  The institute also called for the USDA-backed school lunch program to limit use of potatoes.  Under an interim rule, the USDA agreed to bar WIC participants from buying potatoes with their federal dollars.  Potatoes are the only vegetable not allowed.

Jean Daniel, bureaucrat spokeswoman for USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service, said the WIC program was updated for the first time in 30 years after “a study” showed more consumption of leafy greens and other veggies was needed. There was no mention of who did the study, what were its parameters, nor its degree of validity, if any.  Simply claiming that something is based on “a study” has no meaning.

The Department of Agriculture has accepted a marketing program that defines “organic” food by a number of processes that a producer of organic food agrees to follow.  Why they have accepted a marketing program is not clear, but the term “organic” means nothing beyond the process used by the grower.  Multiple studies have shown that organic food is not healthier, more nutritious, fresher or better in any way than any other produce.  Its one distinguishing characteristic is that it costs about 30% more.

That program alone makes me fairly cynical about the FDA and the Agricultural Department.  I have read that there are more bureaucrats in the Agriculture Department than there are farms in the country.

This food pyramid, a particularly unattractive illustration, is the new version.  Veggies up, carbohydrates down.  You are supposed to follow this one, until they change their minds again and turn out a new one.  Right now, trans-fats are bad (no evidence), salt bad (no evidence), high fructose corn syrup very bad (no evidence), but that will all change as the food police find new terrors in the American diet.   We are in an age of a kind of preciousness about food.  If we eat just the right things in the right quantities and the right combination, then perhaps we will not die after all.  Life, of course is not sustainable, and a wide variety of foods will do you just fine.  You can’t even believe the statistics on longevity anyway.

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