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Obamacare Strikes Again by American Elephant
November 5, 2010, 3:21 pm
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Boeing and AARP join the long and growing list of companies that have announced that, contrary to Democrats’ bald-faced lies, Obamacare is making their health care prices skyrocket.

Which is exactly what it was designed to do. Obamacare has always been designed to regulate the industry so heavily that prices would skyrocket, forcing companies to dump their coverage, and making individual plans so expensive that people would have no alternative but to get on the government plan.  That’s why Obama’s top health care adviser, the architect of this deceitful, underhanded sabotage of the private health care market, Jakob Hacker, joked with a  radical left audience that Obamacare isn’t a “Trojan Horse” for socialized single payer healthcare, but that, “it’s right there.” And why Democrats from Congress and the administration have been caught on video saying basically the same thing.

Obamacare was NEVER designed to make care less expensive, it was NEVER designed to let you keep your plan or keep your doctor, it was always, always, always designed to so heavily regulate choice out of the industry, and add the cost of adding more and more and more people to the “free” tax-payer subsidized rolls, that private healthcare would soon become so expensive that only the very rich would be able to afford their own coverage.

THAT is what “progressives” call “competition”. Sabotage of competition. Sabotage of choice. Sabotage of freedom. Sabotage of independence.

Which is why Obamacare is not just wrong, it truly is evil.

And why it MUST be repealed.

Update: Just to be clear, this Death Star photoshop has been around for a while, it’s not one of my photoshops, all I did was add the text. If anyone knows the artist, please let me know. I would love to give credit where it is due.

(h/t Michelle Malkin)

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Excellent post. The claims of obamacare saving money are so dishonest it makes me cringe everytime I hear them. The problem is, the majority of American’s are so removed from any health insurance they might own, they don’t understand what will make their premiums go up. The only thing they do understand is classist bullcrap like, “The Insurance companies are greedy, and only care about profit.”

You CAN NOT cover pre-existing conditions without raising premiums. It is impossible. that is a fact. It isn’t because insurance companies are evil and don’t care about sick people, its because it is impossible to do it and actually stay in business.

And you hit the nail on the head. Obamacare was and always will be a means to the end that is total government healthcare. The worst lie of all though? The one currently being spouted by guys like Allan Colmes, “Obama has compromised…he wanted a public option in healthcare, but he backed off.” My god, I about died when I heard that.

Love the photo too, can I steal it?


Comment by fleeceme

Thanks, Fleece Me. Yes, of course you can steal the image. This is not one of my photoshops, someone else did it. If I knew who, I would gladly credit them. All I did was add the text.

And yes, the left always says that when their policies fail, it is because they didn’t take and spend enough of your money, they didn’t seize enough power over you. Which is why it always leads to tyranny.


Comment by American Elephant

Socialized medicine is a bad idea whose time has come. I think it will take some time to get rid of it, and it will take some heavy lifting by the GOP to see that it is replaced by something better, that is also going to be effective enough to blunt renewed calls for federal medical systems in the future.


Comment by zeusiswatching

It’s going to take some very heavy lifting, I fear it may prove impossible.

Republicans need to get much better very quickly at explaining that it has been the ever increasing government regulation and every increasing number of people on the government rolls that are the reason health care prices have been skyrocketing to begin with.

Government is not the solution, government is the problem.


Comment by American Elephant

Unlike lazy college students, seniors can be counted on to vote. If they make enough noise about this, it’ll give the R’s the spine they need to undo this mess.


Comment by innominatus

Wait a minute, Wait a minute.

Competition? Choice? Expensive?

This is disgusting, providing health care SHOULD NOT BE A BUSINESS. Every human being should be entitled to health and medical care WHEN THEY NEED IT; Not if they can afford it. I`m glad I don`t live in America.


Comment by Student

I’m glad you don’t too! You are woefully ignorant of the way the healthcare industry works, economics in general, and worse, have a tyrannical belief that you are ENTITLED to the labors of others. We already have medicare for the elderly, and medicaid for the poor and those who cannot otherwise provide for themselves.

There is NO one in America who cannot get health care because they can’t afford it. There are only people who COULD afford it, but think they dont need it, or decide they’d rather spend their money on cell phones, high speed internet and ipads and demand someone else pick up the bills for their actual responsibilities. And a great many very wealthy people who save themselves money by paying for their healthcare out of pocket. But anyone who is too poor to afford healthcare is already taken care of in America.

Second, the profit motive, or self-interest of the free market is the ONLY system that actually works — as you will learn here. The ONLY way people can make money in a profit driven society is by providing a good or service that people want for a price they are voluntarily willing to pay. When government runs things, IT decides what you should want, how much you can or cannot have, IF you can have it at all, and how much those who provide it will be paid (which is one reason why so many providers have left health care in countries that have socialized medicine.)

And which is why people from whatever podunk socialist country you live in (Canada?) come to the United States to get better care, more choice, and faster, life saving treatment, and why the former head of Britain’s National Health Service just DIED waiting for surgery for nine months.

Yes, please stay where you are. We already have enough ignorant rubes and parasites trying to ruin our system.


Comment by American Elephant

I would also remind you, Student, that competition makes things LESS expensive, government makes things MORE expensive. There have been endless reports of government waste. $600 hammers and $1,500 toilet seats. People in government like you, people who feel entitled, also like to skim off the top. Government doesnt do ANYTHING less expensively than the private sector. NOTHING.

We have the freest, easiest, most affordable access to healthcare in the world, which is why Americans spend so much more — because we CAN! We can decide what tests we want. We can get them right away. We dont need anyone approval, and we dont have to wait, and die, in line waiting.

And once again, its why people from your country, whatever country you live in, come HERE for treatment and NOT vise versa. If you are in Canada, that includes your elected officials who escape your system to come get real care here.

You havent the faintest idea what you’re talking about.


Comment by American Elephant

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