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First Day in Office, and ‘Executive Orders’ by The Elephant's Child
January 22, 2021, 10:33 am
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Here’s a short excerpt from The Ruling Class which I recommended earlier:
“For example the healthcare bill of 2010 takes more than 2,700 pages to make sure not just that some states will be treated differently from others because their senators offered key political support, but more importantly to codify bargains between the government and various parts of the healthcare industry, state governments, and large employers regarding who would receive what benefits (e.g. public employee unions, and auto workers) and who would pass what indirect taxes on to the general public. The financial regulation bill of 2010, far from setting unequivocal rules for the entire financial industry in a few words, spends some 2,500 pages tilting the field toward some and away from others. After the bill’s passage, the New York Times reported that the financial industry’s larger firms were hiring highly paid former federal regulators to conduct the negotiations that would spell out the law’s real meaning for each of them.

Even more significantly, these and other products of Democratic and Republican administrations and Congresses empower countless boards and commissions to arbitrarily protect some persons and companies while ruining others. These laws real meaning emerges from the charters that these boards and commissions write for themselves, from the identities of the persons appointed to run them and from the policies on which they settle.”

That gives you some insight into the workings of the “ruling class.”

Do you suppose that with “a stroke of the pen,” eliminating 11,000 jobs, President Biden may have just created 11.000 new Republicans?

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