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CNN Director Admits Network Engaged in Propaganda to Get Trump Out of Office. by The Elephant's Child
April 14, 2021, 7:22 pm
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Next they are planning to do Climate, Easy, because “Fear Sells.”

ADDENDUM:I have rejected CNN as a news source for years, but it’s nice to have my judgment verified. Apparently we are going to need to have a battle with Big Tech. Perhaps it’s because they haven’t been major American corporations for very long, but they are still having problems understanding that playing politics as a business is not wise. You get at least half the population who don’t want to do business with you, and in some cases completely antagonistic to you and all your works. I do not listen to any reporter who works for CNN either. I’m a little surprised to see that they announce their biases so publicly.

Here’s Part II:

Hundreds of major American corporations made fools of themselves today. by The Elephant's Child
April 14, 2021, 7:09 pm
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The State of Georgia had a troubled election. There were accusations of ballots being scanned twice, of suitcases of ballots turning up after Republican observers had left the precincts, that sort of thing. It was happening all across the country when there were serious questions about attempts to steal an election. I’ll admit that I was troubled by the man who was born in 1824 who successfully voted. There were reports of Tech billionaires putting big funding into the election as well.

So Georgia decided to make their election regulations more clearly convenient and inclusive. They made sure that the hours the polls were open were convenient for working people, and they made sure that people were voting in the correct precinct, and entitled to vote, they required voters to show I.D. Showing your I.D. is very ordinary, that’s why we carry purses and wallets. There is no discrimination whatsoever in the new regulations.

In this era of heightened racial sensitivity, Major League Baseball promptly moved their All-Star Tournament out of Atlanta to Colorado, obviously without ever reading the regulations to see what they said.

President Biden chimed in to tell Georgia to “smarten up” to avoid losing business over the new election law. He obviously didn’t read the regulations either, and had no idea what was in them. If it’s Georgia, a southern state, it must be discriminatory?

Hundreds of corporations, including Starbucks, Amazon, and Netflix, have signed a letter signaling their opposition to election integrity efforts in numerous states, promising to oppose any related legislation they deem “discriminatory.” So without making any slightest effort to read the regulations or see just what was in them, they are going to discriminate against Georgia because it is a Southern state, and obviously thus must be racist?

Uh huh. Who is being discriminatory and on what basis?

However, regardless of our political affiliations, we believe the very foundation of our electoral process rests upon the ability of each of us to cast our ballots for the candidates of our choice. For American democracy to work for any of us, we must ensure the right to vote for all of us. We all should feel a responsibility to defend the right to vote and to oppose any discriminatory legislation or measures that restrict or prevent any eligible voter from having an equal and fair opportunity to cast a ballot.

That’s your “hundreds of corporations” making an instant decision on offering a vile accusation to a state attempting to make their voting regulations more inclusive and more secure. Corporations who are utterly unable to take the time to know what they are nattering on about. Disgusting.

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