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Not a New Book, but Invaluable! by The Elephant's Child

Angelo Codevilla was killed recently in a tragic automobile accident. I have had and re-read this book for years, and want to recommend it. A valuable explanation of the way things really work. Amazon still has a few copies, or your public library should have it. Explains how all those things that are so annoying, like AOC’s “Tax the Rich” ball gown, or Hunter Biden’s remunerative art show actually happen.

They have been haggling lately over raising the debt limit so they can borrow more (raise your taxes more) with the usual ploy of calling it “infrastructure”. That’s a word that the public usually accepts because they think of the annoying roads and bridges in their area and assume they will get fixed, though that may not be the case at all.

Good book, enlightening. Recommended.

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