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The “Masters of the Universe” Don’t Know What They Are Talking About! by The Elephant's Child
October 14, 2021, 9:47 pm
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Several days ago, I wrote a post about “The Masters of the Universe Speak Out! Ooops!Google announced that they would “prohibit the monetization” of accounts that are skeptical of manmade climate change” which indicated that they were entirely unfamiliar with climate science and didn’t know what they were talking about. It is a little more complicated than that. The idea arose out of one of those big Davos meetings for the rich and politically inclined, where everyone flies in on their private jet airplanes, and only the rich and important are invited. In considering the problems of the world that they were there to solve. since they were rich and important, they settled on Climate Change as a problem worthy of their intent. Christiana Figueres, who was at the time, the General Secretary of the IPCC , held a press conference to explain to the reporters hungry for any bit of titillating news, that it was the world’s best chance of discrediting and removing hated Capitalism from the world. Americans are generally pretty much in favor of Capitalism, but that was their aim.

Grants from the government quickly became available and university labs that promised to be investigating this dire catastrophe got new equipment for their labs and even new assistants. They fired up their computers and entered what they knew about the climate for sure, which wasn’t all that much, and added what their compatriots were saying and what they hoped were intelligent guesses, and were off to the races. Carbon Dioxide, which is a natural fertilizer for plants, became the villain, because it had been increasing slightly in the atmosphere and they had to have something to blame it on. There is no reason to assume that Google is particularly well-informed. Just politics, and a way to emphasize their importance. The climate of the Earth is determined by the actions of our Sun. Carbon Dioxide makes crops more bountiful as it is a natural fertilizer. Nursery greenhouses pump in a little extra CO2 to help their plants grow! Even Afghanistan has reported extra-bountiful crops this year, as has Australia and have farmers all over the world. But scaring the public with tales of climate disaster made their desired “Great Reset” and One World government seem a little more plausible.

There is an unfortunate tendency among those who have had a good idea and become very very rich to assume that their good fortune means that they really are brilliant, and should tell the rest of the world what to do. You will see examples of the tendency frequently. Two climate scientists that I listen to frequently are Dr. Roy Spencer PhD and Dr. John Christy PhD at Huntsville Alabama. Dr. Spencer runs the satellites that measure the temperature of the atmosphere for NASA, and Dr. Christy measures with weather balloons also for NASA. Links to websites in the sidebar, and visit Climate Depot, Watts Up With That , and Master Resource as well, regularly.

I was a English major, which means I read a lot and read everything, and I grew up at 4000′ altitude in the mountains of Idaho, mostly outdoors, on 400 acres surrounded by National Forest, with three miles of river running through it. Beats apartment living and a once in a year hike in the woods. Spent time at ranger stations and lookouts too. Been snowed in, flooded and lost several buildings, and we had to generate our own power. Had lightning strike about 100 yards from the house (That’s a major noise), and the best sled run in the country. Shot one Lynx, 3 rattlesnakes, 2 porcupines and large numbers of woodrats (nasty critters).

TWO Million “Migrants” in 2021! by The Elephant's Child

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol is reporting a record of nearly two million “migrants” encountered so far in 2021. The newer thing is of course, that we now call them migrants rather than “illegal aliens”. Joe Biden has invited the population of Central America to come to the border and be admitted to the United States of America. I believe there is some statistical indication that illegal immigrants when made citizens able to vote, are inclined to vote Democrat. I don’t know if this is what Joe Biden has in mind or not.

From Cal Thomas, The Washington Times: “Illegal Immigration is destroying our country”

CBP to Report Record of Nearly 2 Million Migrants Encountered in 2021

Joe Biden has actually said that they will be located in “swing states” so they can eventually change the vote to be more favorable to Democrats. So at least, his intentions are quite clear.

It might go down a bit better with the American people if they were located where workers were especially needed, rather than where it’s hoped they will alter the vote, but perhaps that is expecting too much.

We have a system for people who want to come to America and become Americans. It’s not complicated. You go to the nearest American consulate or embassy and apply, and then you wait your turn. Not instantaneous, but legal. You get welcomed. We do appreciate it when people do it the legal way.

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