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Today That “Bluest Sky” Bit Might Be True! by The Elephant's Child
March 25, 2023, 4:33 pm
Filed under: Politics

Looking off to the South from my second-story window, there are the usual indeterminate cloudy skies, but directly up, there are ravishingly beautiful bright blue skies. Fluffy white clouds straight up, but between them a brilliant blue that we haven’t seen much of for months. I bellyache a lot simply because I come from the Idaho mountains, and expect a blue sky on an ordinary day with maybe a few white puffy clouds, but I simply cannot get used to cloudy as the norm. Which it is. Whoever wrote the song lines about the “Bluest Skies” must have been so starved for healthy blue skies so desperately that he was crying out in his need. Straight up, a brilliant blue, normally cloudy around the edges.

I may have to spend much of the day just looking out the window.

Nice idea. Didn’t work.There are still some big patches of blue in among the clouds, but “bluest sky” is apparently nor in the cards.

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