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New Obama Stimulus Logo… by American Elephant

Barack Obama, in permanent campaign propaganda mode, has introduced a new logo to mark all public works projects funded by his stimulate-big-government stimulus plan.

Naturally, it’s mere coincidence that the logo is  “O” shaped — thus stamping every new windmill and bicycle path with a tax-payer funded ad for “the One”.

What I think is interesting is how the logo makes TOTAL sense… when you view it as a pie chart. Finally! Some truth in advertising from the prop-O-ganda president.

More logo-tinkering at Michelle Malkin.

(h/t) Hot Air

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where will these Stamps be manufactured, I will put MONEY that it wont be the Good Ole USofA! you know….. why create a job here!??


Comment by terry

[…] March 8, 2009 · No Comments For all projects that are being implemented under the porkulus bill and receiving money from it, the President has decided to place an all new logo on them so that they are readily identifiable as wasteful spending.  Okay, he did not mention that wasteful spending part, but I could not resist.  My friends over at American Elephant have compared the logo to a pie chart and broken it down.  You can find it here. […]


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Good thing 60% of Americans agree with the “envirowhacko” policies of this administration, but I doubt it will get your dwindling numbers of “elephant” off the endangered species list.

The logo is a breath of fresh air after the ridiculous branding of the previous administration: “Axis of Evil”, “Evil Doers”, “War on (insert whatever word you can think of)”

Someday everyone will learn to play nicely together, hopefully before you are extinct!


Comment by 95%

No, its never a “good thing” when a majority of people believe lies.

The phrase is “war on terror” it is in response to terrorism. Which actually happened, as opposed to “global warming”> I hate to burst your bubble, but the globe has definitively been COOLING for the past decade.

And people such as yourself have been claiming for millenia that one day people would learn to play nice together. It is silly, ignorant and naive, and it has never come to pass.


Comment by American Elephant

“No, its never a “good thing” when a majority of people believe lies.”

Quick! Everyone, grab your tinfoil hats and jello shots! The majority has been duped! It’s a conspiracy.

Keep it coming. The more you wingnuts blather, the farther fringe you become. Next time you see Michele Bachmann, ask her when the revolution is going to start. I want to secure good seats to the biggest cry-fest on the planet.


Comment by postsimian

Actually Simian, The more we “blather” about the truth and liberal’s lies, the more people see the truth and agree with us.

As we just noted yesterday, only 34% of Americans still believe “global warming” is caused by man. Down sharply from a year ago. (Compared to an ignorant majority of Democrats)

Barack Obama now has an approval index of just 2 points, down sharply from his inauguration. (the most divisive president ever at this point in his presidency)

The Democrats who just a few months ago had a HUGE lead in polls asking whom voters trusted more to fix the economy are down dramatically to only a 2 point lead.

and its all largely because, as two polls have now proven, a majority of Obama supporters wrongly believed that Republicans controlled congress the past two years.

They didnt. Democrats did.

True, that misperception could be due to the inherent stupidity of liberals, and not an actual lie, but Obama and Democrats tried very hard to give the impression that Republicans were in charge the past two years, despite the truth that Democrats were.

When Republicans handed over control, the economy was growing at over 3%, and continued to grow for another full year, the deficit was on track to be eliminated by 2010, the unemployment rate was still low, and most importantly, there was no recession. The recession didnt happen until Democrats had been writing the budgets, and holding the purse strings for a full year, and the financial crisis didn’t happen until Democrats had been in charge for TWO years.

And yes, the American people are just beginning to wake up to just a small portion of Democrats enormous list of lies. Mostly because they now see that electing Democrats has not made things better, its made them worse!


Comment by American Elephant

[…] Image credit: American Elephants […]


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[…] Image credit: American Elephants […]


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