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Rampant Democrat Corruption by American Elephant

John Conyers

When Obama and  the Democrat party can seize the entire American automobile industry, slap a bow on it, give it to their biggest campaign contributors and get away with it, pointing out the rampant corruption perpetrated by that party seems like so much whistling in the wind. Nevertheless…

Last Friday, Democrat Congressman John Conyers (MI), Chairman of the powerful House Judiciary Committee, abruptly dropped a planned investigation into ACORN, the liberal activist group with close ties to the Obama administration, on the very same day that his wife, Monica Conyers pleaded guilty, in a deal with federal prosecutors, to charges of conspiring to commit bribery:

Conyers could be facing about three years in prison under her plea agreement. Her attorney, Steve Fishman, believes federal sentencing guidelines of 30-37 months apply.

Federal prosecutors believe she would get the full five years under sentencing guidelines. [more]

Fortunately, she has a husband who chairs a powerful committee that can threaten the man who is in charge of the people prosecuting her. I guess that’s what Congressman Conyers meant when he said, “the powers that be” decided against further investigation of ACORN.

How convenient.

(h/t HotAir)

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