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Obama Tanking by American Elephant
September 1, 2009, 3:04 am
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Fastest, steepest decline into disapproval of any president ever. Anything that makes implementing Obama’s corrupt, radical, socialist agenda more difficult is very good news for America.


Approve: 46% (Strongly Approve 30%)

Disapprove: 53% (Strongly Disapprove 41%)

66% of Independents disapprove

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans +5


Approve:  42%

Disapprove: 48%

*Rasmussen has the most consistently accurate record among all pollsters for the past two presidential elections.

Who Should Decide Whether Additional Medical Care is Worth the Cost? by The Elephant's Child
September 1, 2009, 1:53 am
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Today Keith Hennessey addresses part 2 of his question: Who should decide whether additional medical care is worth the cost? This is a look at the hard choices in medical care. It is a step away from the political arguments to consider the very basic question at the root of the entire health care debate.

In part one, Mr. Hennessey presents two examples of the cost-benefit analysis that show just how difficult the choices can be. One presents two ways to treat a broken arm;  the other presents an innovative treatment for heart attack, and the choice is whether to pay a higher cost for health insurance to cover the cost of the treatment.

Part two revolves around at what level the decision should be made, by you and your doctor; by your employer and your insurance company; or by the government.

Mr. Hennessey does an excellent job of presenting clear examples and explaining the problems involved. He is an excellent guide to the health care maze.  I not only recommend reading his blog regularly, but urge you to sign up for his e-mails.  He is a marvelous source of economic information put in understandable form.  Excellent material for your letters to your representatives or your arguments with your neighbors.

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