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There Was A Very Large March in Washington D.C..Did You See It On the News? by The Elephant's Child
September 14, 2009, 12:50 am
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DC Tea Party

The 9/12 march on the capitol was huge.  There is lots of argument about the size of the crowd. The usual suspects put it in the low hundred thousand.  A Park Service spokesman said that it was the largest demonstration ever.  Estimates say clearly over a million, maybe half-again as many.  Let’s not overestimate.   It was essentially spontaneous.  Just ordinary people traveling to Washington D.C., some from across the country, at their own expense, to show their anger and frustration. No busloads of protesters sponsored by some organization.

The usual suspects attempted to claim that the signs were all racist, or comparing Obama to Hitler, but most signs seemed to say something along the lines of “Just Stop Spending” or “No More Bailouts.” in much more creative fashion. There was a lot of frustration at Congressmen voting for bills that they hadn’t read.

The “Free Our Health Care Now” Online Petition with 1, 328,349 signatures was presented to Congress as well.  The largest petition ever. Robert Gibbs was unaware that there was to be a demonstration.

And when it was over, they once again demonstrated the difference between Republicans and Democrats.


And this was the Mall after the Inauguration:

Inauguration A Nation Gathers

And this:


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