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Remember. by The Elephant's Child
September 11, 2009, 4:59 am
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Tami Michaels, who hosts a home improvement show on Seattle’s KTTH, and her husband Guy Rosbrook were staying at the Millennium Hilton, directly across from the World Trade Center.  They had a corner suite on the 35th floor facing the Trade Center.

They had a brand new video camera, and the video of the attack and what happened helped to convict Zacharia Moussaoui.  Tami testified in his trial. They talk about their eyewitness account here. And here is an audio account from the annual radio show they do each year on 9/11, in remembrance.

For a little more remembrance, drop by The Mudville Gazette for Greyhawk’s post about Rick Rescorla who saved over 2600 employees from the World Trade Center, then went back to make sure everyone else was out.  And when you have read his story, be sure to sign the petition to award him the Medal of Freedom.

Why Are They Trying to Erase the Meaning of 9/11? by The Elephant's Child
September 11, 2009, 4:20 am
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Eight years ago.  We live on the left coast, far away, and a friend called.  We turned on the television and watched in horror.  Is eight years now an eternity? Is it just something you are supposed to “get over?” What kind of mentality is that?

I suppose that the left prefers not to remember.  Bush’s war and all that.  Can’t forget all the Bush hatred.  Don’t you think that Bush and Cheney must have planned it? It seems that some on the left believe that 9/11 is a “Republican event.”  Imagine.

And wasn’t the terrorism just the result of poor downtrodden Muslim resentment of American…what was it that they resented so much?  I remember. They resented us because we would not submit to Islam and Sharia, and our women were immodest and forward.  Things like that.

Obama in one of his increasingly frequent, graceless moments designated 9/11 as a “National Day of Service,” apparently forgetting that it was a day that was already significant to most Americans.  There are 364 other days available for ObamaService.

Part of the problem is that my idea of service and Obama’s idea of service are somewhat different.  I know lots of folks who volunteer at one thing or another with no idea of pay or credit or renown.  They just see a place where they can help.

Obama seems to think in terms of enlisting America’s youth in AmeriCorps for National Service, and paying them and training them to …well, we’ll think of something.  He thinks as a community organizer, and he wants to organize us.

Disgraced Green Czar Van Jones was very big on the idea of  “green jobs” as if doing something connected to wind or solar earned you greenie-points in the Church of Clean Energy.  But then Obama thought Michelle’s cushy job urging poor South-side Chicago residents to go to some other emergency room instead of the University of Chicago hospital where she worked, was a service job. Pamela Geller pointed out that:

An unclassified State Department “action request” encourages State officials to “consider organizing an Interfaith Day of Service in their host countries as a way to commemorate the anniversary of the tragic events of September 11, 2001.” It linked to Obama’s statement at his Cairo speech to the Muslim world in June:

Indeed, faith should bring us together.  And that’s why we’re forging service projects in America to bring together Christians, Muslims, and Jews.  Around the world, we can turn dialogue into interfaith service, so bridges between peoples lead to action — whether it is combating malaria in Africa , or promoting relief after a natural disaster.

How can a president of the United States be so unaware of the constant outpouring of charity and goodwill from the American people, especially in the case of natural disasters.  They give blood, send money and blankets, volunteer their time and their strong backs. They do not require a “National Day of Service” to direct them to go forth and do good. When they help out at a food kitchen, it isn’t in the expectation of having their picture taken.  We don’t want to be “organized.”

Leave 9/11 alone.  Let us remember.  It’s important that we do.

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