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A Magnificent Accomplishment at Warp Speed by The Elephant's Child
December 17, 2020, 10:15 am
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Some days it just feels like the world is coming apart. Governors, and mayors seem to be making things worse rather than better. There’s the regular report of shootings and deaths in Chicago, and Mayor Lightfoot doesn’t seem to be able to get a handle on it. Some weekends are better than others. California’s Governor Gavin Newsum is now facing a recall election, and they are getting close to having enough votes. Portland currently has it’s own autonomous zone, and the riots continue–a sure sign that the rioters are having fun at it. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan will not run for reelection. New York’s dreadful governor Andrew Cuomo is on Joe Biden’s list as his Attorney General, with his record? Joe Biden is filling up his cabinet selections with Obama administration retreads including some very questionable ones like Susan Rice. And Biden wants Pete Butigieg, reportedly as Transportation Secretary. Biden’s selections do not give me any confidence whatsoever.

President Trump’s magnificent “Warp Speed” effort has brought forth vaccines, and they are starting to be delivered. It was said to be impossible, but he did it. I have not read just what the priorities are, nor who is first in line for the vaccine. When the Democrats were through sneering that it couldn’t be done, they started questioning the efficacy simply because it came from President Trump. Lots of sneering about the profits the Pharmaceutical companies might make. From the very beginning with the first cases in this country, President Trump did everything a Commander in Chief could, from ending travel from China, to building military tent hospitals, enlisting the automobile companies to make ventilators, sending military hospital ships to New York and Los Angeles, and getting the supplies needed to where they were needed promptly. The nation’s governors were grateful. Some cranks even went so far as to suggest that nobody should trust the vaccine because it came from the detested Trump. I’d say the nation owes him an enormous debt of gratitude. He has done an outstanding job, and had the coronavirus himself, and recovered.

There are longstanding protocols for the introduction of a new drug, and just how its efficacy is to be proved. They are carefully followed, step by step, and no one wants even one more case. There have been pandemics in the past, the flu at the end of the First World War was dreadful, but we have learned a little more each time there is a pandemic about what to do and what not to do. Melinda Gates announced that she was disappointed to learn that Americans would get the vaccine first, which would seem to take the citizen of the world thing a bit too far.

There ae a lot of big problems out there. Governors are trying to do the right thing, ordering restaurants closed, or any place where people might gather, ordering masks, distancing, shutting businesses down. They don’t know that much about what they are doing and trying to do the right thing, with not always successful results. The American people are sick of being locked down, ordered around, and unsure that anyone knows what they are talking about. The Supreme Court just had to remind the nation that freedom of religion precludes shutting down the churches. I don’t know how long it wll take to get the nation vaccinated. I assume it will go slowly, but the fact that we have arrived at a vaccine is a magnificent accomplishment.

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