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“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing” by The Elephant's Child
April 5, 2021, 9:30 pm
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Back when I was just another corporate worker-bee, I had occasion to notice that our chief executive received a thin little magazine that purported to inform him of the important news of the day. I don’t remember but perhaps he left it on the table in the lunchroom. What I remember was being shocked at the paucity of what the magazine considered necessary reading for chief executives, who theoretically may have to take actions on what is happening in the world. And of course today we have a lot of chief executives speaking out on things they know little, if anything, about.

What brought this to mind is, of course, the “outrage” by executives about Georgia’s new “racist” voting regulations. Major league baseball pulled out of Georgia because of it. Delta airlines considered moving their headquarters. President Biden was outraged, Coca Cola was outraged. Yet no one, apparently, had even bothered to read a single paragraph of the State of Georgia’s new voting regulations, which simply required that voters show I.D. in order to vote.

The bill actually expands weekend voting, and makes Sunday voting law, and protects a voter’s ability to cast an absentee ballot without providing a reason.Strange to talk about when the teachers unions mostly have our public schools shut down. I suppose one’s attitude depends on whether or not you liked school when you were there. Those who had called in for tickets to be held for them at the stadium, had to show I.D.s in order to purchase them.

ADDENDUM: The picture was chosen because I wish my den looked like that. Doesn’t and not going to happen, but I can dream….

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