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President Biden Has Given Kamala Harris Another New Job! by The Elephant's Child
June 3, 2021, 8:21 pm
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It’s getting a little odd out there. President Joe Biden keeps appointing Vice President Kamala Harris to major jobs in his administration, and from what I can discern, she keeps not doing them. Today, apparently, President Biden has picked Kamala to Push ‘Voting Rights Reform!‘ which she undoubtedly will not do either.

Other people keep pushing her career, and giving her an important job, which she does not do, fails badly, and then is immediately rewarded with another job of even more importance. When Biden was first running, he announced that he wanted a black woman for his vice presidential role, and selected Kamala Harris. Oddly enough, he didn’t look for any particular qualifications for the role, just race. And that’s what he got.

I’m sure that with President Biden’s declining health, suggestions of oncoming senility, that sort of thing, there have been some pointed questions about his vice presidential pick. I don’t know all that much about Ms. Harris. She was, I believe an Attorney General in San Francisco, and before that a senator from California, advocating for legal cannabis, a path to citizenship for “undocumented immigrants” and a ban on “assault weapons”. But she hasn’t actually done much to make matters worse either. She just hasn’t done much. All kinds of jobs to do with immigration and the border, Central America, and she did suggest that American corporations should start more new businesses in Central America, but I don’t know if that ever got beyond a suggestion. In the last campaign for the Democrat candidacy, she was running for the presidency, so she has a good deal of self-confidence.

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Unfortunately, she not particularly competent. She’s not well liked by fellow Democrats, and reportedly has even worse negotiating skills than Obama. She dropped out of the primaries before a single vote was cast, and polled no higher than seventh in her own state. She was also openly critical of Biden during the primaries, calling him out as a segregationist, and stated in multiple interviews that she believed Tara Reade’s accusations of sexual assault against Biden. She has never explained her apparent reversals of these views.

I hope Kamala realizes that all of these things being put on her plate may be a way to give her experience, but she better understand that if these issues go south for the Democrats, that they will put all of the responsibility for the failures on her.


Comment by Lon Mead

I think she simply isn’t smart enough to do either the VP job or the Presidency. Biden certainly can’t do the Presidency. He’s just been reading teleprompters written by accomplished politicians.
I doubt that she really “did” her California posts. Not much of what she proposed got passed or was applied successfully. If I remember correctly, as an attorney general, she had a habit of getting young, black drug dealers particularly stiff sentences.


Comment by Philo

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