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“Masters of the Universe” Speak Out! Ooops! by The Elephant's Child
October 8, 2021, 3:11 pm
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Google and its video-sharing platform YouTube announced this week that they will now prohibit the ‘monetization’ of accounts that post videos and content that is skeptical of manmade climate change.” Tells you why they sneeringly call them “masters of the universe.” They make a lot of money and assume that proves that they are well informed and super intelligent. Unfortunately it does not.

Sorry. The climate of the earth is determined by the action of our sun. Carbon Dioxide, which has increased slightly in the atmosphere, has nothing to do with climate. Carbon Dioxide is plant food, a natural fertilizer that helps plants to grow more bountiful, and feeds a hungry planet. Even Afghanistan has reported bountiful crops because of the slight increase of CO2 in the atmosphere. Australia has publicly reported on their unusually bountiful crops this year as well.

“Manmade Climate Change” is just sheer ignorance. Check with Roy Spencer PhD who runs the satellites that measure the temperature of the earth for NASA with John Christy PhD at Huntsville, Ala. (see website in the sidebar). He explains global warming thoroughly, or go to Climate or Master or consult Anthony Watts at All these sites have lists of climate scientists and their studies, as well as reports on all the latest studies from the experts.

Sorry, Google, you are way out of your depth.

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