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March 30: Small Patches of Blue Sky, Mostly Just Clouds by The Elephant's Child
March 30, 2023, 5:49 pm
Filed under: Politics

I’m still playing around with “The Bluest Skies You’ll Ever See” bit. Annoyed by it’s clearly false repetition. It would be nice to have some really blue skies, but unfortunately, unlikely. It’s only March, so things are fairly sure to improve as summer approaches. Stuck at home because of Covid, and getting cranky about being stuck.

My second story window looks far off to the South, but the hill to the East is not far away with nothing to see anyway, and I can’t really look North at all. There’s a main East-West street at the bottom of the hill about 4 blocks to the North, a bit of minor industry, then another hill. Nothing to see. Can’t even see the street at the bottom of the hill, just hear the traffic. Now and then there’s a siren with somebody in a hurry to get to the hospital or a police car in pursuit of a miscreant.

Local news websites concentrate on the big deals, murders, major accidents, anything possibly related to a “celebrity” who is simply someone whose name might be recognized. The big events are covered by Seattle area news, and we don’t get enough murders of celebrities to make the Seattle papers anyway. As far as that goes, we don’t have all that many local celebrities should some of them be worth being murdered. Famous people go someplace where their fame will be appreciated. There is a large park, simply woods, about 4 blocks down the main street here, and a walk through the woods is nice. A little wildlife, lots of birds, an occasional rabbit, but hardly anything of much interest. Just a very ordinary nice neighborhood.

The prevalence of Covid makes one a lot less interested in going out at all. Without Covid worries, we have a dandy botanical garden on the other side of the woods that always has interesting wildlife besides nice plants, and a big park at the bottom of the hill to the South, with a small river even with salmon occasionally. That park used to be a farm, and there’s still an area for farm animals. with a big barn for them. The cows get milked and the sheep get trimmed.

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